Friday, January 6, 2017

NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Zurich 1968 - 1CD - May 31

Jimi Hendrix
Zurich, Switzerland
May 31, 1968

Quality: C+

 Voodoo Child (slight return)
 Stone Free (stopped)
 I Don't Live Today
 Red House
 Hey Joe
 Foxy Lady
 Manic Depression
 Purple Haze

Notes: Jimi playing the Monster Beat concert in Zurich. I got this in a trade in 1982 or so from the guy who recorded it. At that point 1968 seemed an eon away, but now 14 years ago is 1995, not so long ago! Strange how time is. Anyway, Jimi at the Hallenstadion...kind of a funny intro "Here comes Jimi!" Jimi opens with Voodoo Child, maybe the first time playing it on stage and he is duly pelted with beer mats flying onto stage! I don't think it was anything agianst Jimi, just kids being kids, but he isn't pleased and sounds like a parent "bad!" he says. But the crowd pays him no mind as during Stone Free more mats and he stops playing. The MC then gets on the mic (any Austrian translation?)  and I assume tells them to stop. Stevie Ray Vaughan had this problem too once. The rest of the show goes well, a nice long Red House and  rare outing of Manic Depression. Sound is OK, a bit distant and some hiss as well, but awful and again, from the master so.

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