Friday, January 6, 2017

NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Madison 1970 - 2CD - May 2

Jimi Hendrix
Dane County Coliseum
Madsion, Wisconsin
May 2, 1970
 [Funkydrummer Stereo Merge and Cleanup]

1st and 3rd source with some 2nd source to patch as  necessary.

01 - Intro [1st and 2nd Source Merge]
02 - Fire [2nd Source and 3rd Source (halfway in)]
03 - Room Full Of Mirrors
04 - Hear My Train A Comin'
05 - Lover Man [1st and 2nd Source Merge]
06 - Red House
07 - Message To Love
08 - Ezy Rider
09 - Machine Gun
10 - Star Spangled Banner
11 - Foxy Lady
12 - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
13 - Purple Haze

Notes: The quality here is fantastic for a 1970 audience recording. Two decent sources of this show circulated for decades, each complementing each other. A few years back a third source popped up that is brilliant quality for the time. It caputures all the instruments clearly, including Cox's heavy bass. It's loud and upfront, and while a bit unbalanced at times, it's vibrant and  gives you an idea of Hendrix's live sound in 1970 if you were out in the audience.

Funkydrummer on CTT took all three sources and worked his magic. Just before Hendrix's first solo during "Fire" the high quality sound kicks in and stays for most of the gig, sans "Lover Man," which the third source did not capture.

Brilliant show from Mr. Hendrix on this night. His spirits are good, really connecting with the audience and his playing is phenomenal. Some funny moments...the fan feraking out as "Fire" starts "Oh wow!!!" ... after "Hear My Train" someone yells "what can we give you?" Hendrix slyly replies "a joint" and a few seconds later several fly on to the stage. After "Red House," as Hendrix tunes up, he makes a golf(!) reference. "You have a 3-inch putt and you miss it" referencing the effort to tune up and make it just right. He also references Cambodia before "Machine Gun" where he U.S. suddenly had military operations at the time of this gig.

Some slight oddities on this night...while Hendrix never had a standard setlist, going from the Stars Spangled Banner into Foxy Lady was a was Voodoo Child into Purple Haze, the latter's intro notes played in staccato fashion instead of more of the gliding start generally in live 1970 versions.


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