Friday, January 6, 2017

NEW: Jimi Hendrix interview 1968 - 1CD - somewhere in October 1968

Jimi Hendrix
Interviewed by Gus Gossett for KNPX
Winterland, S.F., October 1968

1 track, monaural
Total time 9:18

The interview source is the master reel. A few Jimi traders pooled their money to buy this tape on ebay last year on the chance it might be something new. And it turned out it was! So lots of Jimi traders chiped in to have the tape baked and transfered to digital. The tape bake & transfer went well except that the start of the tape fell apart, so the first few seconds are much inferior quality.

AFAIK, the exact date of the interview is unknown but the guess is it was recorded backstage at one of the October 10-11-12 1968 Winterland shows.

Download this bootleg here

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