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RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Zomby Blues" - 1CD - Bob Terry Tape #19

Jimi Hendrix
Zomby Blues
Bob Terry Tape #19

01 Hey Gypsy Boy  3:58
02 Country Blues  5:52
03 Izabella (Machine Gun) 11:02
04 Easy Blues  10:07
05 Drone Blues 8:19
06 Jam Back At The House  2:22
07 Who Knows Rehearsal 18:41
08 Message To Love 4:06

This tape originated from Bob Terry

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RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Electric Ladyland outtakes" - 1CD

"Electric Ladyland Outtakes"
artwork included

1. ( Have You Ever Been To ) Electric Ladyland (Jimi Hendrix)
Record Plant New York 1968

2. All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
Olympic Sound Studios London 1968

3. Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That (unknown))
Olympic Sound Studios London 1967

4. Come On Part 1 (Jimi Hendrix)
Record Plant New York 1968

5. Voodoo Child ( Slight Return ) (Jimi Hendrix)
Record Plant New York 1968

6. Room Full Of Mirrors (Jimi Hendrix)
Olympic Sound Studios London 1969

7. Gypsy Eyes (Jimi Hendrix))
Record Plant New York 1968

8. Gypsy Eyes (Jimi Hendrix)
Record Plant New York 1968

9. House Burning Down (Jimi Hendrix)
Record Plant New York 1968

10. Cat Talkin’ To Me (unknown) Take 1
Olympic Sound Studios London 1967

11. Cat Talkin’ To Me (unknown) Take 2
Olympic Sound Studios London 1967

12. Taking Care Of No Business (unknown)
Olympic Sound Studios London 1967

13. Angel (Jimi Hendrix)
Home Demo Jimi’s Apartment New York 1968

14. 1983 ( A Merman I Should Turn To Be ) (Jimi Hendrix))
Home Demo Jimi’s Apartment New York 1968

15. 1983 ( A Merman I Should Turn To Be ) (Jimi Hendrix) Take 1
Sound Center New York 1968

16. 1983 ( A Merman I Should Turn To Be ) (Jimi Hendrix) Take 2
Sound Center New York 1968

17. Valleys Of Neptune……arising (Jimi Hendrix) Take 1
Hit Factory New York 1969

18. Valleys Of Neptune……arising (Jimi Hendrix) Take 2
Hit Factory New York 1969

19. Freedom (Jimi Hendrix)
Record Plant New York 1970

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RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Blue Window" - 1CD - 1969 sessions

Jimi Hendrix
"Blue Window"
artwork included

Izabella session 10:09
Blue Window jams 33:50
Keep On Groovin' sesions 25:00

track 1: Record Plant, New York. May 14, 1969
track 2: Mercury Sound Studios, New York. March 15, 1969
track 3: Record Plant, New York. April 17, 1969

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RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "The Manish Boy Sessions 1969" - 1CD

Jimi Hendrix - The Mannish Boy Sessions 4-22-1969
WJ Edit 2004 and 2005
artwork included

With these files you can make a complete set of the session
With takes 1-25 on disk one at 40:50
and takes 26-44 along with the 2004 composite on disk two at 51:32

Most clicks removed, 2/3 of the count ins removed
talking and humming amplified.

Sourced From the Studio '69 Collectors Set
which contains these sessions in their unaltered form.

notes: 3-19-2005
My take numbers are not actual take numbers
but rather the number of take included on this set
not to be confused with collectors data.

Tracks 32-44
were re-edited due to the originally sourced files having
been found to be flawed with tiny micro gaps.  New source
files where found for replacements to the "Studio 69" set
and those replacements have been edited to fix the
"Mannish Boy Session Edit" bonus disk included with the
Originally Seeded "Studio 69" Data sets.

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RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Astroman" - 6CD - outtakes & various live

Jimi Hendrix - Astroman 6 CD box set

Vol 1 to 3 are studio outtakes.
Vol 4 to 6 are 3 live performances in France and Sweden. Jimi is in a
great form, peformances are all excellent and sound is the best
quality. Enjoy!

Astroman / Studio Outtakes Vol.1 1966-1968

01. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 03:36
02. Purple Haze #1 02:58
03. La Poupée Qui Fait Non 03:42
04. Come On 02:54
05. One Rainy Wish 03:44
06. Angel 03:11
07. Look Over Yonder 02:54
08. 51st Anniversary 03:17
09. Can You See Me 02:32
10. Cat Talkin' To Me 02:46
11. Red House Takes 1-4 10:44
12. Fire 02:32
13. Purple Haze #2 02:39
14. I Don't Live Today Takes 1-4 15:32

Astroman / Studio Outtakes Vol.2 1969

01. Lover Man 04:28
02. The Things I Used To Do 04:06
03. Instrumental Jam (Rock And Roll Jam) 01:22
04. Midnight Lightning Jam 11:57
05. Izabella 02:55
06. Ezy Rider Take #1 03:43
07. Stepping Stone 07:12
08. It's Too Bad 06:36
09. World Traveller 08:01
10. Larry Young Jam (Young/Hendrix) 10:24
11. Room Full Of Mirrors 03:13

Astroman / Studio Outtakes Vol.3 1969-70

01. Ezy Rider 04:21
02. Room Full Of Mirrors 02:59
03. Earth Blues 04:12
04. Highway Of Broken Hearts 14:16
05. Bleeding Heart 03:14
06. Freedom 03:59
07. Valleys Of Neptune 04:28
08. Further On Up The Road (w.Astro Man intro_end) 01:56
09. Dolly Dagger 04:01
10. Astro Man 11:19
11. Send My Love To Linda 01:25
12. Drifter's Escape 03:01
13. Midnight Lightning Jam 06:16
14. Lover Man 02:56

Astroman / Paris Jan 29th 1968 with Experience

01. Killing Floor 04:25
02. Experiencing The Blues 08:34
03. Foxy Lady 05:41
04. Red House 04:38
05. Driving South 08:57
06. The Wind Cries Mary 04:07
07. Fire 04:06
08. Little Wing 04:06
09. Purple Haze 05:49

Astroman / Stockholm First Show Jan 9th '69

01. Killing Floor 07:51
02. Spanisg Castle Magic 07:49
03. Fire 02:52
04. Hey Joe 04:14
05. Voodoo Chile 14:27
06. Red House 11:03
07. Sunshine Of Your Love 07:37

Astroman / Stockholm Second Show Jan 9th '69

01. I Don't Live Today w. introduction 11:25
02. Spanish Castle Magic 06:13
03. Hey Joe 06:34
04. Voodoo Chile 10:31
05. Sunshine Of Your Love 11:26
06. Red House 11:47
07. Fire 03:41
08. Purple Haze 04:00
09. Star Spangled Banner 03:19

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RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced and More" - 1CD

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Are You Experienced and More
Purple Haze Records HAZE005

Cd of Studio Outtakes

01 - Manic Depression (1)
02 - Manic Depression (2)
03 - Red House
04 - Can You See Me (1)
05 - Can You See Me (2)
06 - Can You See Me (3)
07 - Can You See Me (4)
08 - Can You See Me (5)
09 - I Don't Live Today (1)
10 - I Don't Live Today (2)
11 - I Don't Live Today (3)
12 - I Don't Live Today (4)
13 - I Don't Live Today (5)
14 - Fire (1)
15 - Fire (2)
16 - Fire (3)
17 - Fire (4)
18 - Fire (5)
19 - Remember (1)
20 - Remember (2)
21 - Remember (3)
22 - Remember (4)
23 - Remember (5)
24 - Remember (6)


Friday, January 6, 2017

NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Seattle 1970 - 1CD & 1 DVD - July 26

Seattle '70 is a frustrating tape. The main drawback to this recording
is that all circulating copies seem to have originated from a single
microphone transfer from the original reels. In addition, it has been
going around in many versions with lots of little edits in them, many
of which aren't the same on all copies. Niko Bauer had a nice article
on the recording in Jimpress a few issues back; here's a summary of
the best guesses we have about the recording.

The original recording seems to have been made on 4 sides of small reels:

side 1 - 17.56
Message to Love
Lover Man (end cut)

side 3 - 18.36
Machine Gun
Star Spangled Banner /
Purple Haze
Drum Solo (cut at 2.27)

side 4 - 18.59
Drum Solo
Getting My Heart Back Together Again /
Keep on Groovin'

(cut here due to a cassette side break)

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Hey Baby (end cut)

side 2 - 17.25
Freedom (start cut)
Red House
Foxy Lady

You'll notice the ordering of the sides; the above track order is what is
found on copies of the show, but as Niko points out it's much more likely
that the order of the sides was incorrect when the first microphone
transfer was done, and that the 2nd tape side was mistakenly placed at the
end. Comparison of the concert to other concerts during the same period
argues that the correct track order should place Freedom/Red House/Foxy
Lady between Lover Man and Machine Gun. In addition, Jimi sounds like he's
giving his parting remarks before VC(SR), the usual finale to his concerts,
and the Hey Baby coda was used at Atlanta a few weeks earlier. This is the
track ordering used on this disc.

Such confusion in side order could have arisen due to uncertain memory about
whether two sides of reel 1 were filled before going to reel 2, or if both
side 1's were recorded first, followed by both side 2's.

The original transfer appears to have been done via microphone, probably
to a larger single reel. There are many noises that sound clearer and
closer than the concert audio, as well as other noises that you wouldn't
get at a concert, suggesting that this was a mic transfer. The 1st gen
reel copy was afterward line-dubbed to cassette, introducing an additional
cut at the cassette flip about 45 min in. There seem to have been more
than one cassette copy from the 1st gen reel (the mic noises are the same,
so both came from the same 1st gen copy), since there are at least two
versions where the cassette-flip break is not in the same place. Because
of this we were able to use one version to patch the other, therefore
restoring the audio lost at the cassette side break.

In summary, the audio on this disc is no better than 2nd gen.

Unfortunately, a line dub isn't available for the original reels, and my
guess is that the master is lost. Sad, since the quality here surely
suffers greatly from that first speaker dub.

The "master clone" that's been going around was used as the main source for
this disc, with patches for missing bits from a "1st gen" copy. The audio
was pitch-adjusted and the track order was rearranged to reflect the
probable concert order. There are long and short volume fluctuations in
the recording; these have been evened out. Finally, one channel (usually
left, sometimes right) had a lot of scratchy noise in many places. It's
doubtful that this is from the master. This is a mono recording, and is
very close to true mono; very little is lost by using only one channel, so
that's what was done, switching back and forth as necessary to eliminate
the noisy channel.

Unless the lost master surfaces or a new source for the show is found, this
is probably as good as the concert will sound.


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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Madison 1970 - 2CD - May 2

Jimi Hendrix
Dane County Coliseum
Madsion, Wisconsin
May 2, 1970
 [Funkydrummer Stereo Merge and Cleanup]

1st and 3rd source with some 2nd source to patch as  necessary.

01 - Intro [1st and 2nd Source Merge]
02 - Fire [2nd Source and 3rd Source (halfway in)]
03 - Room Full Of Mirrors
04 - Hear My Train A Comin'
05 - Lover Man [1st and 2nd Source Merge]
06 - Red House
07 - Message To Love
08 - Ezy Rider
09 - Machine Gun
10 - Star Spangled Banner
11 - Foxy Lady
12 - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
13 - Purple Haze

Notes: The quality here is fantastic for a 1970 audience recording. Two decent sources of this show circulated for decades, each complementing each other. A few years back a third source popped up that is brilliant quality for the time. It caputures all the instruments clearly, including Cox's heavy bass. It's loud and upfront, and while a bit unbalanced at times, it's vibrant and  gives you an idea of Hendrix's live sound in 1970 if you were out in the audience.

Funkydrummer on CTT took all three sources and worked his magic. Just before Hendrix's first solo during "Fire" the high quality sound kicks in and stays for most of the gig, sans "Lover Man," which the third source did not capture.

Brilliant show from Mr. Hendrix on this night. His spirits are good, really connecting with the audience and his playing is phenomenal. Some funny moments...the fan feraking out as "Fire" starts "Oh wow!!!" ... after "Hear My Train" someone yells "what can we give you?" Hendrix slyly replies "a joint" and a few seconds later several fly on to the stage. After "Red House," as Hendrix tunes up, he makes a golf(!) reference. "You have a 3-inch putt and you miss it" referencing the effort to tune up and make it just right. He also references Cambodia before "Machine Gun" where he U.S. suddenly had military operations at the time of this gig.

Some slight oddities on this night...while Hendrix never had a standard setlist, going from the Stars Spangled Banner into Foxy Lady was a was Voodoo Child into Purple Haze, the latter's intro notes played in staccato fashion instead of more of the gliding start generally in live 1970 versions.


NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Houston 1969 - 1CD - April 19


Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX
April 19, 1969

Audience Recording from Reel-To-Reel, Undisclosed Taper, Fair Quality.

Songs (Slighty Incomplete):

Notes: I have it since about 1 year but wasn't authorized to trade it before, now I think I could !
I'm not sure it's a direct Reel-To-Reel transfer but it's certainly quite close (1st Gen. I guess)

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Gothenburg 1969 - 2CD - January 8 - late show

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Lorensbergs Cirkus, Gothenburg, Sweden. 8th January 1969 (2nd show)

Source: Audience recording


1. Voodoo Child (slight return)
2. Foxy Lady
3. Red House
4. Sunshine Of Your Love
5. I DonÕt Live Today>
Third Stone From The Sun>
I DonÕt Live Today

6. Hear My Train A CominÕ
7. Spanish Castle Magic>
drum solo
8. Purple Haze
9. Star Spangled Banner


This is a direct transfer from a cassette copy taken from the master reel that I received from the taper sometime during the late 1990s. As far as I know he never made any other copies (apart from one very rough one which was sent to an American collector and which was used for the subsequent 'Cats Squirrel' bootleg CD). This is the first time I have made a digital transfer from this first generation cassette.
Also included: a small DVD

Artwork included

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix interview 1968 - 1CD - somewhere in October 1968

Jimi Hendrix
Interviewed by Gus Gossett for KNPX
Winterland, S.F., October 1968

1 track, monaural
Total time 9:18

The interview source is the master reel. A few Jimi traders pooled their money to buy this tape on ebay last year on the chance it might be something new. And it turned out it was! So lots of Jimi traders chiped in to have the tape baked and transfered to digital. The tape bake & transfer went well except that the start of the tape fell apart, so the first few seconds are much inferior quality.

AFAIK, the exact date of the interview is unknown but the guess is it was recorded backstage at one of the October 10-11-12 1968 Winterland shows.

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Zurich 1968 - 1CD - May 31

Jimi Hendrix
Zurich, Switzerland
May 31, 1968

Quality: C+

 Voodoo Child (slight return)
 Stone Free (stopped)
 I Don't Live Today
 Red House
 Hey Joe
 Foxy Lady
 Manic Depression
 Purple Haze

Notes: Jimi playing the Monster Beat concert in Zurich. I got this in a trade in 1982 or so from the guy who recorded it. At that point 1968 seemed an eon away, but now 14 years ago is 1995, not so long ago! Strange how time is. Anyway, Jimi at the Hallenstadion...kind of a funny intro "Here comes Jimi!" Jimi opens with Voodoo Child, maybe the first time playing it on stage and he is duly pelted with beer mats flying onto stage! I don't think it was anything agianst Jimi, just kids being kids, but he isn't pleased and sounds like a parent "bad!" he says. But the crowd pays him no mind as during Stone Free more mats and he stops playing. The MC then gets on the mic (any Austrian translation?)  and I assume tells them to stop. Stevie Ray Vaughan had this problem too once. The rest of the show goes well, a nice long Red House and  rare outing of Manic Depression. Sound is OK, a bit distant and some hiss as well, but awful and again, from the master so.

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live at the BBC 1967 - 1CD - January 30 - soundboard

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Recordings for "Pop North",
(recorded at) BBC Broadcasting House, Great Portland Place, London.1967.01.30
(broadcast on)BBC “Pop North” for BBC Light Programme. 1967.02.09

01. Hey Joe (3:51)
02. Rock Me Baby (1:43)

BBC radio broadcast> reel to reel> Wav  > mp3

From me to you! Well from The Johnny Kidd fan club to you!

Here we have the first known recordings from the Jimi Hendrix Experience for BBC radio. To be exact, nearly two of the three track reportedly recorded from this session. What a joy it is to hear this session for the first time [it brought me quivers down the back bone and left me shaking all over!] as it has been lost to us since it was broadcast. That the JHE were no strangers to the BBC at this time is a known fact but all previous visits had been for Top Of The Pops Recording sessions.

Often we overlook the wonderful research done by some people in the early days of Hendrix collecting, here we owe a debt of gratitude to Caesar Glebbeek who first reported this session way back in Univibes #7, that’s late 1992!

Of the three songs recorded that day, Hey Joe (3:40), Rock Me Baby (2:40) and Foxy Lady (3:20) it is the latter that has still to turn up. From the two tracks we have, Rock Me Baby is cut short. The recording stops dead and it appears the reel to reel tape simply ran out. This would also explain the missing Foxy Lady from our found source.

The band’s debut Radio appearance was for the BBC Light Programme, a show called “Pop North” and was broadcast between 13:00 and 14:00 hours on the 9th February 1967.

The process for these broadcast from the BBC was not quite so straight forward and things are a little confusing due to a cancelled contract, re date schedule in this instance.

The JHE recording session took place on the 30th January 1967 at Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London. The three songs would have been supplied to the BBC Manchester Studio [Playhouse Theatre] for playback to a live audience and introduced at that session by Ray Moore. This on the 7th February 1967. It is this recording of the show that was then aired on the 9th February 1967.

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