Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun" - 2CD - 1969-1970 outtakes

Jimi Hendrix
Liberated Bootleg
"The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun"
Triangle PYCD 084-2

01. Izabella (Tk 1-3 reel3, Tk 1-3 reel4)
02. Machine Gun (Try Out)
03. I'm A Man (So I'm Trying To Be) (Tk1)
04. Lord I Can See The Blues (For Me And You)
05. I'm A Man (So I'm Trying To Be) (Tk 2)
06. Beginnings (Alt Intr Mix)
07. Valleys of Neptune (Instr Blues Jam)

01. Send My Love To Linda (Tk 1-3)
02. Ships Passing In The Night
03. Heaven Has No Sorrow (Tk 1-2)
04. Valleys Of Neptune (Instr)
05. Alcatrazz
06. Night Bird Flying
07. Live And Let Live
08. Highway Of Desire / $7 Dollar In My Pocket
09. Midnight Lightning
10. Angel
11. Look Over Yonder
12. Astroman (Instr)
13. 1983... A Merman I Should Turn To Be

Notes: EXCELLENT quality studio outtakes and jam sessions recorded with the Cry of Love band at The Record Plant (1969) and Electric Lady Studios (1970).

This is not an illegitimate version of the Experience Hendrix release of the same name.

artwork included

Download this bootleg here

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