Wednesday, March 2, 2016

RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "The Summer Of Love Sessions 1967" - 1CD

Jimi Hendrix: The Summer Of Love Sessions 1967 

After the Monterey Festival in 1967, Jimi returned to New York. Finding himself at a loose end, he hooked with his old musician friends. He joined Curtis Knight in Studio 76 on four nights, laying down some grooves and working through some songs, playing both guitar and 8-string bass. Here are those historic sessions on one CD.
Recorded on July 17, 30 & 31 and August 8, 1967 at Studio 76, Broadway, New York.

artwork included
Track Listing:
01 Love (instr.)
02 Hush Now (instr.)
03 Gloomy Monday
04 Happy Birthday
05 Ballad of Jimi
06 Level (instr.)
07 Love Love
08 Get That Feeling
09 Future Trip
10 No Business
11 Odd Ball (instr.)
12 Flashing (instr.)
13 Day Tripper
14 U.F.O.

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