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RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix & Eric Clapton in conversation 1967 - 1CD - March 16

Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton conversation
March 16, 1967

Conversation tracks 1-7

Notes: With Hendrix and Clapton coming in at 1 and 2 respectively in the recent Rolling Stone greatest guitarists of all time issue it got me to thinking about this document. This is a burn of a tape I got in the early 1980s and not the same as the one over on CTT.
But over at  CTT tallboy333 had these nice notes, which I hope he doesn't mind me using...

"This tape has been around for a while as it was referenced in the David Henderson bio 'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky', first published in 1978. The more in-depth reference in Shapiro and Glebeek's Electric Gypsy indicates it was recorded sometime in early 1967 at a London club by a journalist from Beat Instrumental magazine (no name given, sorry) in company of John Mayall's ex-girlfriend Chrissie Charles. As Jimi was being interviewed, Eric Clapton came in and sat down. This was several months after the jam at Polytechnic College where Jimi showed his prowess by jumping up onstage and leading the Cream through his own incendiary version of 'Killing Floor.' Hard to say how much contact JH and EC had had up to this point, but this may have been their first extended conversation away from the stage.
 Jimi dominates the conversation, his enthusiasm and energy bubbling over. Eric is deferential, although not afraid to make his point when he feels it necessary. There seems to be a lot of good feeling between the two, and it seems they both take the competition as a positive thing, a way to make them both work harder to get better. At one point Jimi kisses Eric and says "I just kissed the fairest soul brother in England."
 For guitarists and fans, this is like being a fly on the wall at a meeting between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in 1775 Philadelphia."

The quality of this tape is pretty rough, but over at the Yahoo group JimiPassItOn there is a transcript, minus the last two minutes or so....

Thursday 1967-03-16
London W1, The Speakeasy (probably), 48 Margaret Street, Fitzrovia, England

Jimi Interviewed (everyone drunk/stoned) for ‘Beat Instrumental’ by [unknown journalist] - (B.I.), with Eric Clapton & Christine Charles

Jimi : [cut] I mean money to me is just like, if you’re lost in the woods and you have to, you have to go out and use the rest room, right? and there’s no rest room for a hundred miles, but there are leaves and so, what you do is you just bend over, you know, make sure you don’t fall on your own, you know, and then you just use the leaves, see you have to use the leaves then right? if you don’t have no ‘Kleenex’ on you, or a tissue whatever it is and that’s exactly what money is to me, somethin’ I might have to use, not, you know, I might give, I might spend about thirty bob, I mean forty qob, thirty quid, quid yeah, thirty quid tonight, you know, but-uh it’s just gettin’ stoned, ‘cause you know, maybe a princess yeah, but if it’s a thing like.
(?    : ...Imagine you got...)
Jimi : You know, you don’t, you don’t live off. Oh sh’, you know, it’s so hard to explain, man, I have no feelin’s for money whatsoever, except what things I need and things that I want.
B.I.  : But do you have any plans for, kind of, the future?
Jimi : Well, quite naturally.
B.I.  : You’re not gonna go on making this bread forever, are you?
Jimi : Oh, well, quite naturally, you know, huh ‘cause I-I-I think it oughta, you know, I’d be very surprised and personally happy if it lasts, all this winter, you know, I’ll be so happy if it does [cut] survive until this-un dies down, you know and then get, maybe try my best to get real estate and maybe get a few clubs and like manage a few groups that have, that have creative ideas and minds and not plastic wings by the most super [lish young?] Annie uh ‘Buy-a-broom’ [English folk slang for a Gypsy] … [cut]…
B.I.  : Yeah.

[Talking about ‘51st Anniversary’]

Jimi : Gonna be in such a big, fat, juicy bore. Big, monotonous whine that, you know, they won’t be able to even understand the second part, but the first part is just sayin’ the good things about marriage, or maybe the, um, usual things and the second part of the record, man, tells about the bad parts of the marriage which I’ve seen. I could see both sides, but I just don’t even wanna, really witness the first side ‘cause I know, ‘mean I’m not really good for anybody right at this particular state, you know, ‘cause my mind isn’t together right now, so quite naturally it’s gonna come out on record, and it’s gonna come off my own opinions. You don’t write, you ha-can’t write about other, if you made a record, man, you couldn’t say nothin’ about another persons opinions, ‘cause you don’t know their opinions, really, deep down inside, they might lie to you.
B.I.  : Yeah that’s [cut] …
Jimi : All I’m doin’ on that toon is just sayin’ my own exact opinions of marriage, you know, sayin’ that I’m immature about, you know, somethin’ like that, not necessarily immature, maybe in their eyes, you know.
B.I.  : You never write about, about money and things, don’t you?
Jimi : No, it’s like, I’m not jealous.
B.I.  : But you have the same attitude to money really, you know. So are you comfortable?
Jimi : Well, actually it comes right, I don’t like for money to tie me down, no kind o’ way, you know. I don’t like puttin’, anything they tell me that, they always ask, you know, it’s the longest I’ve ever lived in any one place, in-in five or six years, in England this six months, you know and they ask “Well, why do you like to move around a lot?” you know, ‘cause I wanted nothin’ to tie me down, I don’t like to depend on anything,
          actually, but you have to sometimes, you know, this, like I have to, you know,

 but still, you know, you can’t take away the fact tha-that-uh, you might not want to, or I might not want to, you know, or having to [cut] … As it were-uh, you might have to stay in a place long, you know, but you don’t necessarily have to live there for the rest of your life though, you know. You don’t, do you expect to do this in ‘ame?, which ever might be happening good to you. Do you expect to do this for the rest of your life, in the same place?. I don’t even. You know the same scenery, walkin’ down the same street, to go to a office, regardless if you make a million dollars or uh, let’s say, okay a million pounds then, but still just think-uh, c-catch yourself, you know, for a second. You’re walkin’ down the same street for thirty years man, punchin’ in the same clock, even if you might be the whole president of it, or even come in at eleven o’clock or maybe one o’clock in the afternoon ‘cause you’re the president of this business that you made up, but in the same street, everything’s exactly the same, except maybe the figure of money, you know, that’s right it’s all, you know, money’s, it’s got hang-ups too.
(?    : Moneys a curse - man.)
B.I.  : There comes a time, man, when you gotta stop.
Jimi : I mean definitely, rather than re-set your head, you know.
(?    : I think my head is one of the places I’d go to.)
Jimi : Yeah, I know that.
(?    : You can’t go) [cut]…
B.I.  : In one place and digging it all the time an-and sticking at one job and I mean it may be a drag to walk down the same street everyday for thirty years, but at least you’re fucking something, you know.
Jimi : That’s right, or get the chance to, man, make, like-like, make recordings, man, for five hundred pounds a week, oh, oh yeah I guess it would add up to about five hundred pounds, you know regar’, anyway, but who wants to stay in one uh place, goin’ to the same studio, you know and back to the same old thing I said about twenty minutes ago, you know, to do this for the rest of their lives. My life isn’t worth that, if I, if I, if I got a gig doin’ five hundred pounds a week and I get bored, I’m gonna quit it, man and go on to somethin’ else, which might be, don’t ever have pounds a week, you know, but I still might be tryin’ to get into something, you know, just ‘cause-uh.
B.I.  : Yeah [cut] - can eventually give in and say right, this time I stand and fight.
Jimi : Yeah, that’s right, but quite naturally you have to make bread in order to live, you know and you might’ve to stay in a place, you know.
(?    : Hey.)
(?    : Fuck off.)
Jimi :  Let’s see, you know, in my own opinion, like makin’ bread is uh-hic! is secondary actually, quite naturally you have to have the ah-urp!. You know, I keep sayin’ these things over and over again, but-uh, I’m just tryin’ to, you know, prove a point that makin’ bread out of it, is not that much to me, look it’s all, it’s all been necessary things I need, like, you know, when I see a British car, if I might wanna get it, I’ll get it then, you know, or if I see a Jag’ [Jaguar car] and you know, but as far as goin’ out and savin’ bread until I’m ninety, if I have a contract sayin’ tha-that when I get be sixty five I have so much money comin’ in, well, see, it’s no thing like that, man, you know, ‘cause… [cut] … plastic places that I hear about.
(?    : One touched her, we all touched her ha-ha-ha.)
Jimi : You know - I gotta hear, I gotta see, I wanna do The North Pole and I wanna see The South Pole, I wanna see these mountains, so they say, they have at The South Pole, you know. I wanna see Moscow and I wanted, you know, I wanna witness a slight bit of paint, of what I hear about, which you might not, even coming back ‘cause it might be all propaganda, but I don’t wanna witness it for too long, less the worst is gonna hurt me, you know, physically. I wanna, I wanna witness …
B.I.  : Now this just, this is fantastic, because this is …
Jimi : … visit like South America, the heat …
B.I.  : … this is.
Jimi : … you’d be sweatin’, you’d be so uncomfortable …
B.I.  : Oh yeah.
Jimi : … I wanna witness this for about at least, maybe about a minute or two, you know…
B.I.  :  Ha-ha-ha.
Jimi : … feel every second, you know.
B.I.  : Then they’re gonna say you were cheating.
Jimi : Watch you’ll burn your eyes.
B.I.  : Ju-ju-just to witness it, man, for months and-and really die, you know, that, that’d be the way. I wanna die a million times, you know what else?.
Jimi : You can fall in love a million times walkin’ through London, man, or you’re ridin’ a cab through London and fall in love a thousand times a day, you know, by lookin’ at the girls, you know, but after, I guess about a hour after, you’re gonna, forgettin’ completely about ’em and then you’re, you know, you’ll never…
B.I.  : Yeah but you should never fall in love anyway, ‘cause this is an immediate hang up.
Jimi : But I do-do, there’s no - well listen, dig, what I’m tryin’ to say is - there’s no, there’s no pain in fallin’ in love for a second or even for three minutes, see it’d take about average for a girl to walk, somebody you might really dig by sight you know, or from a department store to a bus clop [bus stop?] and you might be waitin’ for a red light, you know, it’ll be quite, about three times less than three minutes, another, you know, so there’s no harm at all about that one second, you know, for the rest of your life you could fall in love, dig, ‘cause that’s all I say now, she is crazy, oh I wanna marry her, you know and I don’t even know her name, I don’t d’, first time I was to see her in my whole life, I just seen her on the street, but then after, okay, now you go to the third red light, she’s on your mind completely and so beautiful, then you’re back to your own free self again. So y-you shouldn’t say that you wanna go on the, you don’t wanna go on these different gigs, ‘cause it’s so good man to-to indulge the beauty again, of a girl you’ve never seen before, but it is like the last prayer, but you don’t have to let somethin’ like that hang you up, especially what I saw, ‘cause that’s what m-memory is for.
B.I.  : Yeah! I know, what happens when you meet them? You know this isn’t.
Jimi : Okay man when you meet ‘em it’s a different subject, I’m not talkin’ about meetin’ them …
B.I.  : Yeah-heh-heh.
Jimi : … I’m talkin’ about seein’ them.
B.I.  : Yeah.
Jimi : So then I see, y’see a girl in a dr-green coat, walkin’ in purple suede shoes, for instance on the corner, not over there …
B.I.  : Ha-ha-ha-uh-huh-huh’
Jimi : … nothin’ like as good, it’s like a bloke in appearance among other people. Anyway, you know, so you fall in love right then, now the second you fall in love you’re simply beautiful.
(?    : What’s your favourite food?)
Jimi : I’d go down on her, I’d do anything, you know, each individual, you know, pubic hair I might suck, you know, until it turns white, but after about fifteen minutes you’re down another part of the street goin’ towards your office, like, you’ve continued the first right and then you’ve figured, ‘Oh I love this person’ and that’s beautiful because at least you still have your own mind - And you’re runnin’ out of tape.
B.I.  : No man, no it’s just turning.
Jimi : Especially to you, if you have any kind of imaginary mind, it’s sayin’ that you belong to Earth and Earth only, that’s all you gotta say, go out to the people -
(?    : Now we’re talkin’ double talk.)
Jimi : - the people go out to you, that’s all you can say, you can’t go by commercial lives.
B.I.  : Do you wanna swap, then I’ll turn round now
Jimi : And then, and then, plus you oughta say to yourself, that I really don’t want this person because I might change my own self, so why change and they’re gonna be hurt and all this, you know.
B.I.  : Could we get that round the back for a second.
(Girl : That he’s straight talkin’ boy)
Jimi : No more it’s [cut] not that, when it’s time for you to die, you have to d-do it all by yourself, nobody’s gonna help you, sweet words don’t help nobody, that’s nothin’ but piss out of you, you know, none of it is from ov-over he-here - save The Devil he said - so quite naturally you can own yourself to somebody, you can give yourself to somebody and you can take yourself away from somebody, if you want to - but in the split second - because don’t forget it’s your life, all completely your life, do you understand? and you quite like, okay you have the privilege to get hung up over somebody, but still you, yourself have the privilege to get un-hung up over somebody, soon as possible, if you wanna be as soon as possible, at any time man, it’s your own life. Freedom is the key word to this whole thing and people don’t understand that ‘cause their brains are too complex, they can’t understand it [cut] Imagination and creation man -
B.I.  : Right that’s it.
Jimi : - that-that’s the key words to this whole World, that’s why. Why do you think, why do you think you have a front part in your brain?, as a way you can be creative, as a way you can have your own life, why do you think every single human being on this Earth is so different than every other one, in one way or another? you know, there’s a purpose behind this, it’s because everybody has their own ways, they can do exactly what they want you know. Marriage is, marriage and all this artificial forms that you’ve been passed down to a generation to generation, sayin’ it’s bad to make love to a girl with a, livin’ across the other side when you make love to this other girl for three years. That is nothin’ but artificial rules for instance, you know, it’s a very elementary for instance that you can say it, that anybody would understand, right?
B.I.  : Yeah, but like [cut] allowed to [cut] … you need.
Jimi : I know what you mean.
B.I.  : What do you need in for someone to love you, because you-you got your own bag. What do I need in someone to love me because I’ve got all my own songs to keep me going and that they, record on top of them [?]
Jimi : You’d better get love [?]  if you’re not, yeah, oh sorry.
B.I.  : - Did you get me or not? The people who don’t create, because you feel that you wanna show them and teach them something …
Jimi : Yeah.
B.I.  : … and they destroy you …
Jimi : That’s right.
B.I.  : … because they can’t-don’t understand you.
Jimi : Because if you get too hung up among them as-uh, you know. Don’t forget to, listen how ever hard she, if, you know your mind is too way out, for at least, you know screw it when you can. But dig it’s like, okay man, we’re takin’ about, we’ll take a, talk about conventional people …
(?    : How do you mean?)
Jimi : … right, you know, right (this is good) you know, so-uh, dig …
Christine: I’m not here, you know, unwanted.
Jimi : Don’t be stupid you are here, ‘ey jerk.
Christine: I, I’m keepin’ the lot an’
(?     : Pre-heh-tend you’re not human)
Jimi : Anybody knows in case, that is the voice of Christine, lovely Christine ha-ha-ha-uh, anyway man, dig it’s the famous ha-uh, [cut] … say any name baby, even [cut]…
Christine: Okay, Mickey Mouse ha-uh. [cut]
(Girl : Meat chuggers.)
B.I.  : That was good, that was really nice.
Jimi : She is so groovy man, some girls can be so sweet man, you can, no, no, no …
B.I.  : Who’s the girl-uh who?
(Girl : Who was it?)
Jimi : - thoughts of conventional sorts.
(?    : I’m being very cruel)
B.I.  : Who is the girl who always answers the phone at your flat man?
(Girl : No, I’m gonna go, the pink lighting’s at yours)
Jimi : That’s little Lotte, that’s Chas’s girlfriend and she’s very pretty, know what I mean -
(Girl : Don’t you want to home on this?)
Jimi : … surely in the mind.
B.I.  : She-[j]ust-appealed.
Jimi : She’s groovy man.
B.I.  : And she‘s so cool man, she always sounds like she’s just got out of bed every time she answers the phone.
Jimi : Yeah she’s Swedish, you know, she has this accent and the accent’ll hang out slightly, for about one hundredth of a second, you know, huh-uh
B.I.  : Yeah I know, it didn’t destroy me at all
(?    : I agree with you, but then you owe me)
Jimi : Really freedom is, eh, imagination.
B.I.  : She’s got a nice looking guy over there.
(?    : And her feelings when she’s doing it)
(Girl : Do it to me one more time)
B.I.  : This shit look‘s a bit of a drag, sorry
Jimi : See I’m still lightin’ up man, right now we’re stoned completely out of our minds, you know and I find out, even when I get sober, I find out that I tell more of the truth of my own self man, when I am like this, than I am when I’m sober, you know. [cut]… that you were-uh musicians. I mean music and l-life itself go together so closely, they’re sort of like a parrallel all the time’s, locked [?], together like this, you know, very roughly, but it’s still such a parrallel, you know.
B.I.  : But I don’t see how people could, where it fascinates me, people who get through life without even beginning to play or understand music, people …
Jimi : Yeah.
B.I.  : … who have never picked up a paintbrush -
Jimi : The reason is th’.
B.I.  : … you know, I think it’s a destroying thing.
Jimi : Yeah, but the reason for it is-is uh, that uh, that they might not know, you see music is a form of-of life itself and they don’t, these people don’t know, like some people could tell you that I don’t know nothin’ about music, you know, okay, they don’t know all about music that’s all, pure [?] music in us alight, some kind o’ way as to where they don’t even know, but do we look like they’re actin’ because it’s known that kind o’ artificial means? But uh realisation in their music is, is …
B.I.  : B flat.
Jimi : … a very special …
B.I.  : Joint.
Jimi : … important part of their lives. Yeah they say, ‘Oh why did it remind me of Classics’
         you know, they say it as if Classic is not with it, they consider it as somethin’ else, the music is nothin’ but imagination sendin’ from somebody’s soul man, up, sent out from somebody’s real heart, you know that, that they can really express by mu’- notes.
Jimi : People right now should be expressing music by long hair, you know. We can write her a song, name uh-uh, you know, for instance one mile long or somethin’ for instance, you know, there’s different ways, music is the whole life. The people don’t know but they express their ways in music, even i-if you work in a bank.
(?    : I’m thinking for you.)
Jimi : Music man it means so many things it doesn’t mean necessarily physical notes that you hear by ear, it could mean notes that you hear by feelin’ or thought or by imagination or even by ah, emotions. You writin’ your notes [?]? that’s all right, just stay along.
B.I.  : That’s all there is just about.
Jimi : No.
B.I.  : I mean do, is that all there is to you, you know, where you are?
Jimi : Nothin’ but music man, in life is -
B.I.  : Y’know it’s too much.
Jimi : - it’s wonderful.
B.I.  : That’s great.
(?    : Oh we’ll see how you never.)
Jimi : Oh but it isn’t.
B.I.  : Are you surrounded by cat’s …
(Girl : Is it beautiful?)
B.I.  : … that I heard - terribly, terribly destroyed by
(Girl : All shouldn’t)
B.I.  : … how old?, lovely long hair.
Girls: Hair? Twenty four [cut]…
B.I.  : I am gonna be a millionaire and kind of, I plan to buy myself huge cars, it sort of brings me down terribly, only the same time I have a kind of idea that money is kind of necessary.
Jimi : uh-No, yea-eah quite naturally it’s gonna be kind o’ necessary so you can do these things, but you don’t base it around mi-money, you base money around what you wanna do, right? Anything like, not like sayin’ uh, by the time I get to be forty two and a half, three months and a half from my birthday, like if we get point to the ‘I plan to have a million pounds in the bank’ It isn’t like that with me an’ I don’t think it, it might not be like that with you, you know. There’s a thing like I say, instead of sayin’. ‘I want a million pounds in the bank’. I would say. ‘Lord, when I get forty two, no tellin’ what happens, but I hope I enjoy life and I hope I can still remember the life I’m livin’ now and that I did before and between now and forty two’. You know, it’s a thing like that, ‘money and flag’. Money is commercial, human bein’s make money, I almos-I almost hate the human bein’ as a, as a certain thing that’s makin’ these beautiful ideas and commercial values like money, like-uh real estate and like this and that, that’s the worst and all the same old stuff.
(Girl : Give me more calories.)
?     : I wanna.
B.I.  : Be groovy.
Jimi : So screwed man, that’s to say the most complicated animals on The Earth and the most screwed up animals on The Earth. God they’re the ones who are ru’, you know ru-ruling The Earth. Excuse me for hanging on, this bastards rolling some tape, bu-but uh and just in case anybody can hear the guitar in the back ground that’s me playin’ in Noo York when I was starvin’ ow! [The DJ has just put on Owen Gray’s 45 ‘Help Me’ which has a backing track featuring Jimi] Anyway y’all unh-hunh it’s a thing like, give it back like that man, you can’t let money rule you, you have to rule money, the way you wanna use it.
?     : Well, you’re right.
B.I.  : I’ve got an interview on this …
?     : Neither do you,
Jimi : Life for money.
B.I.  : … I’ve got an interview on this tour man, of two cats who say their talent is making money and that, that’s what they wanna do, they wanna make their money.
Jimi : Yeah okay, I tell you what, I wanna make the money as work and they’ll, when I go bald you know and all the little curls fall out and all the, the teasing and the hair sprayed what do they call, whatever they think I do with my hai-air, when all this shit falls out. I want to, uh, hope that money we will help me to get it to do what I wanna do in life, not my life towards money, you know, nothin’ like that.
B.I. : I’ve got you rollin’, talk much better.
(?   : [cut] Hendrix, how am I gonna get black dwarves? ha-ha-ha)
Jimi : Listen, listen knowin’ that-uh, knowin’ that you can get, a hung over with girl and really get hung over girls, is so many, so much of a contrast, they’re so different man like-like-like if I was hung ov-over a girl man, I may talk as differently, though I might be sayin’ somethin’, you know, that hee-hee, you’d probably figure out, you know, ‘Remind me’ ‘So beautiful’ bit, you know, but.
B.I.  : But what really hangs me up is-is-isn’t the girl, because, I mean, like, she’s a great girl, she’s having a good time and as far I’m concerned that’s, that’s really great. What hangs me up is my attitude that I, I mean look at me, man and she doesn’t even sort of, when she says ‘Hello’ and like, but she do’-has no cut-off, it’s a. Don’t you think it’s fantastic, life deals the most extraordinary game of cards man that, that strangers can be lovers, but friends are hardly friends at all.
Jimi : Oh beautiful.
B.I.  : And-and it’s, sort of, so strange, you know, that she isn’t and yet I would die for her,
        you know and this is, this, sort of, is, sort of, inside me somewhere and I can’t
        understand it and this is what hangs me up, not knowing, not understanding, you
        know. Oh I feel terrible, huh.
Jimi : Well like, oh no, I was a sinner, like, okay like, th’, like, this girl I know named Christine, you know.
B.I.  : Yeah.
Jimi : Like it’s, you know, I know this girl named Christine deep, man and she’s so beautiful and her mind is so together.
B.I.  : Well?
Jimi : But, see, I’m not, I don’t even own up to her, actually, you know, it’s because of a thing that I might be, I don’t know what it is, it might be a ph-phase in my life, or-uh it might be somethin’ else, as it were. Not that I’m hoggish, but I wanna have this freedom feeling, regardless of what comes to me, good or bad, you know and she’s very sweet, you know, like we can feel we’re goin’ together, it’s so beautiful, but there’s some things she doesn’t understand about me, you know, but dig, there’s some things I can’t understand about her, but I couldn’t explain whatever there is I don’t like, like I want to be with her, you know, all the time, constantly, I wanted her and I go to shows and all this, you know and, and different things, just do different things and I’d like to take her anywhere I go, like South America or, you know, Canada, or regardless of America, you know, wherever it is, but then I might get stoned completely out of my mind, you know...ha-ha like I am now.
B.I.  : No I can’t face it ha-ha-ha-uh.
Jimi : Yeah and then-then I also like goin’ into some other bag and she might not understand, she might understand it, but I can suss through it that she might not and then she’d rip. All human beings are selfish to a certain extent, you know, and I’m selfish in the certain extent too, to be, you this gig I’m keepin’ talkin’ about bein’ free and stuff but she just doesn’t understand this. It might even last for three minutes, it might last for five, it might last for [cut]…
B.I.  : There’s a certain, listen, you know, “One day your gonna wake up and I’m gonna be gone” because this is the way I felt at the time and I changed my life and it went and-and she really couldn’t understand, she just burst into tears and said “Please don't”, you know, “Please say goodbye before you go”, kind o’ thing.
Jimi : Yeah.
B.I.  : “Please wake up early,” you know.
Jimi : Mee-ow, here, listen, you got to fuck off.
B.I.  : And do I? yeah, I mean, people, people don’t understand that you wanna be free and easy and-and the thing is, you see, what is unfair, right? this is, I said it  to her …
Jimi : Yeah.
B.I.  : … at the beginning and it hung her up, at the end …
Jimi : Yeah.
B.I.  : … she left me, and it destroyed me because I …
Jimi : That’s right because.
B.I.  : … because then I’ve become her and she becomes me, you know.
Jimi : Yes, you, hey, you know, beautiful. O-oh God that happens to me so much, like, okay, first of all when you, you know what it really is? It’s a thing, like, when, you know you’re gonna have somebody - this is bein’ very, very frank - you can be, you can like a person, but that person you like will never fu’ around. We all say “Oh well, you know I dig this girl” and all this, but not, deep. Listen, sittin’ at the bar, or dig who’s sittin’about three feet away from the bandstand, out o’ sight, man, but deep down inside, this hasn’t come out to you then, but deep down inside you can say “Yeah, well I’m diggin’ this other girl, but look, man, she’s diggin’ me too,” you know. So, you know, let me go on and you know, cop this for sittin’ at the bar, or look at pretty people from the stage and then she’ll walk, you know, quite naturally, cause it’s ‘gonna call me anyway, she’d have been, you know, so I say “Well, you know, baby if your playin’ like her you know so suck, that’s the deal.”
?     : Who does that?
Jimi : They can be like that, you know, all I’m sayin’ that, sayin’ that, you can really like somebody deep down inside, but you still might mess them around, you know, or you might.
B.I.  : Aren’t you, aren’t you caught man, by the fact that you’re ‘Jimi Hendrix’ you’re the guy that-that-that magazines are gonna talk about and say.
Jimi : Yeah, but dig, I don’t know anythin’ about that right, I don’t know.
B.I.  : No, listen, man, no, but this doesn’t make friends, because, like, you remember that group ‘The Mersey Beats’ or something like that?
Jimi : Yeah.
B.I.  : They got completely blown, the whole scene just fell apart, because one day they said, well listen man, you know “We see these chicks and we think ‘Great, tonight’s great and-and tomorrow is no good,’ because this is the way every body feels, I mean it’s just the way we all go, we like a girl one night and you don’t like her the next and the girls are the same,” but suddenly these guys were caught by the fact that they were in the public eye and this would, this is what would destroy, this is what frightens it.
Girl  : Another bloody coloured you like.
Jimi : I’m not good though [cut]…
B.I.  : I do wanna be famous [cut]…
Girl : Not actually.
B.I. : She’s kind of nothing type bird, but I think she’s really nice, because, because she digs my work and she …
Jimi : Yeah, pretty good.
B.I.  : … and she and she kind of doesn’t even bother man. I, I fell in that flat today -
?     : I should have punched her up last night
B.I.  : - and there were three others [?] and she didn’t sort of get burnt at all, no the point is that suddenly you can’t change eh-a your chick every day, man, because of, because of, because I might be a writer from ‘May Horn Photographer’ and-and suddenly you’re stuck by public image, this destroys me, you know, because I’ve got a chance as a cartoonist  to become famous, I don’t want to become famous because, because then I’m caught by my public image, so when I become famous, when I become famous I’m gonna stop photographs, just like that, I’m gonna become an unrecognisable character.
Jimi : That’s right, that’s right it’s like you might meet beautiful girls and just like we’ve missed like goin’ off with somebody so completely, you know, but unlike this masses [?], you might meet a beautiful girl because of your name, you know, so the guy says, well listen, I’m your management, you know, I’m so and so, I want you to meet this model, just came in from ah Paris man, she’s beautiful, I want you to
meet her. So you meet this model and then that night you all, you know - just bein’ frank all right? - you all might go to bed that night, you know and she’s beautiful, but it’s a thing like, listen what’s this might, you know?  - just bein’ frank again - you know, but mine might not look as, I mean she might look so beautiful, more than this girl you might really dig, but still, deep down inside you like this girl, but still you gotta do her wrong, you know, doesn’t feel like a, oh God, it feels like it’s really, understand the fact is that you might still, like somebody deep down inside, but still physically in such an elementary, um, stage as to where you might screw somebody else, you know, but still deep down inside you’re just, deeper feeling for a person yet you might have, you know, by taking them home.
B.I.  : Oh yeah, man, but I know I can, I can screw anybody, but it doesn’t change you know, the other bird for me.
Jimi : That’s right it doesn’t have to change, that’s right, that’s all they do is couldn’t [?] understand, girls, listen I’m gonna tell you somethin’ man, girls really can understand this no-o-o, you got it.
B.I.  : No-no it’s not the point “They’re pretty, but if girls could understand” right it’s this, man, you and I, man, I’d say, listen, I dig this girl, and I think she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I’ll always, you know, be hung up by her, but I can go round and screw a million girls, but nice girls, so you’re, you like her, now you can go off and screw maybe a thousand other girls and think like “I still dig Christine” but what happens when Christine goes off and screws another thousand blokes.
?     : That’s right, you’re gonna get screwed!..stinking [?].
?     : You’re really bor-ring ha-ha-ha nh!
Jimi : You heard, gotta get it while it’s chokin’ [?] unh! and I, I weeping.
?     : Do it, do it.
Jimi : You know, just, you just wanna just.
B.I.  : I-we are all so tough on top man.
?     : You’re right there.
Jimi : Oh brought me wonder!
B.I.  : I mean we all suffered after the war, you were learning to think that…
Jimi : That’s right me and Eric
B.I.  : We-we got phrases like “It’s a mans prerogative” and things like that, man, it knocks me out, I think men, you know, the whole lot makes me laugh, man, you know, uh-’cause, I mean my cartoons, you know, just, just about, people that make me laugh.
Girl : There must be people in your book.
B.I. : Yeah, you know, baby, well any time you wanna come along and have a look, you know, believe me, yeah, they’re all there to look at, which reminds me, man [cut] … Ain’t down there
Jimi : I say, well listen, I just prefer to be talkin’ to somethin’ [Coughs] most of the time. If I, if there’s somebody I really like, I don’t wanna hurt her no kind o’ way, regardless if you do to her true, you knows, if the slut is liking you and, you know, really, truly like you, you know, they’re still gonna be hurt, regardless of how, you know [cut]…
Christine: Yeah, ha-ha quiggly-quiggly kittens, they said they’d give me a puff.
Jimi : And don’t take over forty f’, hey Christine, don’t take over forty five seconds please, all right? [cut]… Image? I don’t ‘what I’m doin’ by my beautiful Dave Dee image, you know, beautiful, it’s gettin’ me into trouble [?].
Christine: Oh meekin, weekin.
?     : Oh, kittens.
B.I.  : I’m, I, hey Jimi Hendrick [coughs]
Jimi : Yeah, all I’m sayin’ to the fourteen year old, do exactly what you want regardless of, ‘cause this is your own generation man and if you g’, if you’re not gonna live this generation the way you want to, you all know they wasn’t living, you know.
?     : Faggot [cut]…
?     : Whatever.
Jimi : She considers kissing as somethin’ of a commecial vibe. I see they let her interfere with her own emotions, was it? [cut]…
B.I.  : Think about it I mean like, like about a year ago you were earning nothing, you know.
Christine: Working very hard as well.
Jimi : That’s right and you know what? I might make ‘bout three, okay I’ll say it in American terms, three dollars that-that, you know, I mean for instance year and I might even spend it all, I don’t think about, you know, the future because money doesn’t mean that much, if I was very money conscious I’d, to make my little three, thirty dollars, you know, and then put it all away in a bank …
?     : Sit on it ha-ha-ooh God.
Jimi : … and all this …
?     : Cigar
Jimi : … and then make thirty more dollars from the way we bank, after about eight or nine weeks I have a little nut, that’s suppose the sun comin’ up.
Girl  : Wakey-wakey he won’t get up.
B.I.  : Yeah
Jimi : But I don’t look at like that because.
B.I.  : Well, I wish I could make more money, you know, like I …
Jimi : Oh yeah.
B.I.  : … borrowed all tonight, and I’ve got five ‘bob’ [5 shillings or 25 new pence)] left, you know, one round of drinks for all my friends and also.
Jimi : I wish I could go out on a gig for twenty thousand dollars a week, you know, I mean not, no, well, not a week, but at twenty thousand dollars a night, anybody wishes more money
Christine: Thanks very much.
Jimi : But deep down inside man.
B.I.  : My mic’, gimme that [cut]…
?     : You don’t really want a million. Borrow this.
?     : Come on, come on kittens.
Jimi : Oh, now what [cut] … Look if you’re makin’ money, if you do, you know mess around and make that much money, that’s because of you yourself and don’t have to give it away to nobody if you don’t want to, see it, there’s so many contradictive sequences
B.I.  : But I do man, because I want my only Joe Davis.
Jimi : Ha-yeah man.
B.I.  : I don’t wanna make money because, because of what I can buy for myself, I wanna get money so that I can buy things for everybody else.
Jimi : That’s right, that’s what I’ve caught myself doin’, man.
Christine: First she went to him, charming.
Jimi : I’m gettin’ him, okay-oh yeah.. it’s a thing like man, uh like, li-like, you know, you can make money and-um hooh, you know what I’m sayin’? like.
Girl  : Eric. if you wanna sit up a minute, we can.
Jimi : Chuh, beautiful ha-ha-uh.
B.I.  : Honestly it knocks me out that hair, it does [cut] … Sorry, caught me suh-huh [cut]…
Jimi : Are you really turn me on here? There you go makin’ love to fairies with plastic wings [cut] … just so lovely now, I kissed Eric Clapton, I kissed him right on the lips.
All   : Ha-ha-ha.
Jimi : [cut] … now, I kissed the fairest soul brother in England, Paris.
Eric :  Ha-ha-uh.
Jimi : And like he’s-he come back tonguein’ me and sayin’ it’s like sayin’, well dig, they don’t lick [like?] it too loud and all that, but trig [dig], when peoples...
?     : You’re a poop chute baby ha-ha-ha.
?     : Wack it baby.
Jimi : You’ve gotta, you try to say things.
Eric : ‘Cause I don’t like it, man, why should I?
?     : One gig.
Jimi : No-no-no-no it, no he’s-he doesn’t say he think like this.
Eric : A-ha-ha-uh.
Jimi : I’ll tell you the way, the way, the way my interpretation is, like, you know, he ain’t sayin’ it exactly in the same words, but…
Eric : Hooh-hooh-hooh.
Jimi : Your own interpret-it-tation right, so you can say, they just said “Well, dig, this cat, you know, he goes over there pretendin’ they were teenybops with the little purple and red skirts on you know and fed rilly [red frilly?] hair do’s” and they say that “He hasn’t been, you know, they’re playin’ too loud,” but so what [if] they not diggin’ it when he’s playin’ loud, you know’
Eric : Ah, a cigarette, man.
Jimi : But dig, they’re gonna dig it man, it’s a thing like-uh, oh God, you know, it’s a, makes them so happy to mush around me at this particular moment I guess [cut]…
Eric : What you’re going through now, might, you know, might be that in actual fact, without you knowing it, just be a phase, you know, I mean y-your set of values now, may not exist in anyway in the next, you know, within’ the, in the next two years, they may have changed so completely.
B.I.  : They’ve changed in the last two months man.
Eric : You want one of these ‘blow monkeys’ [?] man?.
B.I.  : Yeah that’s true enough, you know, I think it could easily, but at the same time man don’t you ever stop and think about what’s gonna happen come when you’re forty five.
Eric : No of course not.
Jimi : Lookin’ like some guy’s [?] gettin’ hung over man, he’s scared that by the time he get’s forty five he might not have no bank money in the bank, can’t even have, I think he looks desperate, actually a weirdo look at him, he’s getting his watch out, watch.
Eric : Because first that’s right, you see man, because the man is sick, the man wants, trembling man.
B.I.  : Quiet man
Eric : You expect to act as a kid, but what it makes me think about is just, it’s like kids is-is an incredible thing, it’s a thing, a thing like nothing else, you know, like, like
B.I.  : But it doesn’t last.
Eric : Soon. Well of course not and then when it stops lasting, your values will be different, then you can work out what you’re gonna do then, but I mean it’s-it’s, I mean it’s a sick thing to be, to be a young guy worrying about what you’re gonna be, a lot like when you’re an old gobble. Maybe it’s because of…
B.I.  : Yeah you’re right, it is nuh.
Eric : It’s because-because-because sooner or later you’re just gonna say to yourself, right you know, I’m not young any more, so then you will say that simply because you don’t dig the things that you’ve done when you were young, then you could, then you got abuse, you know, set up some brains, you know.
Jimi : Drunk your beer, that’s right
?     : Stand around here.
?     : Yeah, yeah.
Eric : You’ll be an old man, man, it’d just, you know, you’ll be an old man, but you’ll be a free man.
B.I.  : What ever you gonna do man, is to quote, sort of, Jimi and that is ‘grow a new set of plastic wings’, that’s what destroys me, I wanna put on real wings now, because if I’ve ev’ I don’t like flying with plastic wings.
Eric : Don’t take no notice of him Rube [?],  he tells you, y’got plastic wings, didn’t mean
         that much to me.
  ?   : Roll on the guilty.
Jim : But dig.
B.I. : He’s not saying it about me, man, but I say it about me, then I have plastic wings an-and I don’t wanna keep on going for the fun of….
?     : Getting all silly about it.
Jimi : Okay, you don’t want to, listen …
B.I.  : Yeah, but seems I…
Jimi : … listen you don’t wanna, you don’t wanna keep on doin’ this, right?
?     : Gecko!
Jimi : But dig, you might have to, to a certain extent until you grow out of feeling, you know, but i’ you know i’-i’, things and, you know, like-uh they say, okay, you only have got memories, but things you’re doin’ now, that’s the only way you can live is now, like, if you feel like savin’ fifty quid, also, maybe, or if you get paid seventy five, or you put it in the bank, you know and by the time you get a old man, just like you said, man, your life changes, you know and you might get different ideas, then you start payin’ man. ‘A’ I’m not big on sport, but now I’m fucked as you [?].
?     : This man’s from different places, like clouds
?     : I was terribly worried about something which you should never think about and that’s growing old and what you’re gonna do, you know, how much it was and how I never feel any different, I never have, you know why? ah-ha.
Jimi : Lay-y-ay-y-y, oh yeah.
?     : Maybe yeah.
?     : All the time they were talking about living sort of …
?     : Ilyana [Nirvana?]
?     : … we live in a world that is created.
?     : You know you didn’t allow
?     : You arseholes then you’re all living for the next guitars and you’re not, ‘cause your thinking about Newcastle [?]
B.I.  : No I know-I know I sing, I used to manage was when I was on the road, you know, it was just the real me and I wish I could be back, but like my old man, man, is-is kind of knockin’ on fifty four or something disgusting like that and he reckons, “My life is gonna begin when I retire at sixty.” He’s gonna flog everything get a two seater Thunderbird and bomb round The World with his wife and, kind of, they’ve got all these friends are all mapped out, that they’re gonna visit and they’re going two years, Suddenly I think, “Man, his life only begins when he’s sixty,” and in my world an-an-and it’s not that I’m really worried about it, but suddenly uh-uh-uh the fact of the future, because I happen, very well, to communicate with my old man, my-my-my mother is a fool, you know, to a great extent, but my old man communicates and so that I understand his way of life and-and I can visualise being his age and I start to think about what he’s thinking about, so that money to me becomes something life it’s cheap money [?], when I was six months old he took out a life insurance.
Jimi : Yeah.
B.I.  : Now I say I’m not, I’m not worried about it, I don’t need a life insurance at the same time I could in fact get a few quid out of it, I-I think about two hundred and fifty quid or something by selling it, but I’m not gonna do that, because lurking is this feeling eh, “I’d better hang on to that life insurance.”
?     : Yeah... I mean life insurance is not gonna do you any good, but it’s gonna do the people good around you if you …
B.I.  : Yeah
?     : … yeah but I mean …
Eric : And I’m sorry I’ve done that. I …
?     :  … darling you know, let’s fix fences all the way round and shouldn’t it be wider.
B.I.  : But I’m in love with the people around me [cut]…
Girl  : Goodbye. [cut]…
?     : The Experience are recommended sir.
Jimi : Excuse me, man and that, ‘cause, you know, you can figure your own things out, but your not gonna fuckin’ get ‘em.
Eric : If I can’t hang you up when I wanna, why should I bother to try.
All   : Ha-ha-ha-ha
Jimi : Eric’s whining again.
Eric : Fuck off, man, uh-huh-uh
Jimi :  If you want to know what to do when it feels down, is just cheer up, or you’re out of here.
Eric : Yes of course I do, man, won’t I, I’m not gonna get you down, right huh.
Jimi : Yeah, that’s right, okay, I mean, same I’d feel down but you wouldn’t never know ‘cau’ you’ll never.
?     : Cry. [cut]…
?     : Anyway. [cut]…
?     : Eat it up.
Jimi : I could say damn, I-I feel I shoulda ate that, if you wanna eat, you know just  anything, man.
Eric : Yeah, all right we’ll give it.
?     : Ask her for some ice cream.
Jimi : You know, know what? I, I wouldn’t think of eatin’ real snow. [cut]
Eric : I am...well this is the way I live, man, she said this is my philosophy, what I really wanna do is affected by my philosophy, which is completely fundamental, you know, which is sim-simply a matter of doing what I wanna do when I feel like doing it.
B.I.  : How long do you reckon ‘The Cream’ will go on then.
Eric : Well personally, personally it will go on for me as long as it’s, as long as it, as long as it keeps me entertained, you know, as long as there’s, as there’s room for me to  channel my expressions, musical expression without, without being hampered by, kind of, personal conflicts.
Jimi : Yeah, yeah.
B.I.  : What’s so secure about him, I don’t think of, you know, did you finish with Mayall? you know, you-you-you know, you can’t…
Eric : Work that out cau’. I split ‘cause, I mean it was a nice thing, it was a nice thing to do, but really it’s, it’s an archaic scene, ‘cause what we were really doing was just, kind of reconstructing the-the-the blues of the-the sort of the nineteen fifties.
B.I.  : You were, you were into a very special reconstruction, I’m-I’m-I’m-I-I-I used to go and see you a lot then and it didn’t seem to come to an end, it didn’t seem to be complete. I can see you leaving ‘The Yardbirds’ ‘cause that makes sense.
Eric : Yeah.
B.I.  : The stage you were at, there was nothing more ‘The Yardbirds’ could say, that you could say anything to them, but you haven’t finished your call, you certainly haven’t finished yet with ‘The Cream’ and I expect that to go on as usual.
Eric : Well, you said, the thing was with Mayall that-that really it was, it wouldn’t finish, because it means one facet of my musical personality that-that, being, just being a spurt, the straight blues guitarist, which is only one facet of my musical ability, you know a-an’…
B.I.  : But you had something new to say though and I mean when you.
Eric : Yeah, maybe it was in that channel, but I mean it wasn’t, it was, it was, I was kind of like playing the way Mayall wanted me to play.
B.I.  : Oh, oh I didn’t know that...lonely life [?].
Eric : Fucking [?] right, you know, I mean I, I wasn’t putting everything of what I could do into it, which I am now doing.
B.I. : It’s a beautiful LP actually, were you turned on?.
Eric : Yes.
B.I.  : Mayall and Clapton and camp?
Eric : Yeah.
B.I.  : Which really said something new to me, I mean, I mean the, I learned off, man I disappeared for a month
Eric : Why don’t you? listen [?], what you gotta do man is listen, get-get as many Chicago blues records as you can, really they’re all there, you know, so I mean it wasn’t, it’s just like a, it’s just like Chicago moved to England in the first semi- location [?] of ‘The John Mayall Blues Band’, but don’t do anything new though.
?     : Lose it
B.I.  : For years Chicago had moved to San Francisco actually Brian [?]
Eric : No, I don’t think so, no, no and I don’t dig what, I don’t dig too many San Francisco groups anyway,
B.I.  : Yeah maybe, maybe may mention…
Eric : I think the best groups are in England at the moment, I think [cut]…
B.I.  : I see these people in San Francisco bands, I’m unfair to them, I see them as changing my life, by changing your life and your music and things like that, that explains to me the Chicago blues man’s main influence.
Eric : No, but there is, there is an incredible ignorance [influence?] coming from out [of] San Francisco, but it isn’t really, it isn’t, it’s like it’s not at all musical, you know, the influence, it’s more of a, it’s more, it’s more sort of um, philosophical, you know, that’s, that’s the main influence that comes from San Francisco to me, that is, you know, just their philosophy is changing, so all their kind of art work changes a step behind that [cut] … I don’t necessarily think that what happens today is more important than what might happen tomorrow, it’s just that I’m learning it all with one video at a time, you know I can only deal with, with, with what you know, I can only deal with this situation now, step by step, it’s hard enough for me to deal with that, but if I would, but if I was he, if I was transported in any way that bored me, tomorrow I wouldn’t be, I wouldn’t, you know. Sincerely, if I was thinkin’ about tomorrow at all I wouldn’t be able to speak to you now, ‘cause I’d be just somewhere else [cut]…  In general, yeah, because that’s, that’s an attitude that I, you know, I can give you an attitude and that is optimism, you know.
?      : He’s an anarchist.
?      : People are just. [cut]
Eric : The sort of rosy view and how it’s all gonna turn up, that’s all I need, you know, I don’t [cut]…
B. I. : The only thing that keeps you going as such is, is being pessimistic about what might happen today and, and optimistic about what might happen tomorrow, right?
Eric : Yeah, except they have to be pessimistic about something which is actually going wrong anyway, I mean because, ‘cause, because like, I mean life minute by minute is a fucking struggle, you know, I mean you don’t have to be pessimistic about it, it’s a hard thing, I mean the only thing that put, that makes you think it’s worthwhile is the fact that, okay, things‘ll be better if, you know, soon, you know [cut]…
              Because that’s, that’s just like kind of having a rebellious streak, which everyone has got. It’s just like saying, you know, you know, say I, I said to you ‘I don’t like your fucking long hair’, you know, and then so next day you grow, you know, you do your best to make it grow a little more, you know, it’s just the same thing, it’s just, if someone puts me down for what I play one night, the next night I’ll, I’ll make sure that, that they don’t ever put me down again, you know, just by playing so well, you know, but it’s…
B.I. : But if somebody says to me ‘I’m going to make a lot of money’, then I don’t believe it. Do you believe your going to [cut]…
Eric : Why don’t [cut] personally question because, simply because, you know, I-I-I don’t. I don’t have any kind of thoughts like that, I don’t think about that at all [cut]
              I mean it’s taking, it’s taking me to do a Charles Atlas to hold it all together, you know, actually driving lessons might be quite an escape, you know, and-uh, or each go away and [?] become sailors…
?     : Happy now?
Eric : [cut] … or that if I had a car I’d use it just like us do, you know, smoking, if I do it, if I don’t have a packet of cigarettes at home I go nearly frantic, you know, I need a.
?     : See you later.
?     : Okay.
Eric : And it totally the same would be for me for a car, ‘cause I’m that way about things now.
B.I.  : No, because, what do you want to make for yourself, you know? I mean, isn’t it great just to give things away, you know? It’s too much.
Eric : Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, I mean I may sound as being a little bit sort of flippant, but then again, but then again you must be very careful what you give away, you know, you must be very careful who you give it to, because, because, because uh the love thing, you know, is great, it’s great, you know, the sort of, the giving and taking it’s great, but I mean it’s still a very naive thing, I mean it’s something, it’s great on one day, so like you go to a ‘Be-in’ in the park and everyone’s giving you flowers and giving you presents, you know, it’s great on that day, but don’t try and live your life like it man [cut]…
Girl : Get out o’ here.
?     : That rare old maxim, ideal, it’s surrealist [?].
?     : Yeah Get up.
?     : Crazy Dali Surrealist
Eric : …depresses me about a million quid, is the name itself because, because all right I could spend that in a day, I could spend that in a day and it wouldn’t mean bugger all, you know, and I could get rid of all of it in a day.
?     : Bastard bitch [?] w-wouldn’t let me out!
B.I.  : I’d love  to give you a million quid just so as that you could blow it in a day, this would knock me out.
Eric : This robe is surrealist, it’s Rowan At [cut] …
Another 2 minutes or so of chat...
Eric : All I can give to my darling Jimi here is time
B.I.  : [cut] Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

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