Friday, January 29, 2016

NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Washington 1968 - 1CD - March 10 - early show

march 10 1968 early
hinckley hilton
washington dc
at one point in the early 80's i got this directly off the master from ts. but i lent that tape to a philly springsteen trader ar who never returned it along with a richard thompson master from columbus 1983 and  u2 1rst gen from the bayou 1980.  anyone know this guy? recently i transferred all my cassettes to digi. i found this on an unmarked xl2 and was very happy. it sounds like it might be off the master. i do not remember getting it again, but who knows. it could be i got it from ez who got it off of the ts master. i see ts from time to time, but good luck getting anything out of him. i also saw on etree that someone has a dat copy of the master. i would be curious to hear how this sounds. i know ts has a dragon, but those auto azi units are not always 100% accurate. this was played back w/o dolby or cro2

Killing Floor
Foxy Lady
The Wind Cries Mary
Red House
I Don't Live Today
Purple Haze
Wild Thing

Download this bootleg here

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