Thursday, January 21, 2016

NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Lund 1967 - 1CD - September 10 (early show)

Jimi Hendrix Experience

stšra salen, akademiska, fšreningen, lund, sweden. 10th september 1967 (1st show)

This show was not seeded when I originally posted this series. At the time it was not in general circulation but has since become available. Just about all the Swedish shows have been uncovered thanks to the hard work and dedication of one particular Swedish collector. When he found this show the owner stipulated that he would be allowed to make a DAT copy on the understanding that no copies were made. He did however make up a couple of CDR copies which he sent to about four Hendrix collectors around the world for safe keeping but with the request that they were not put into circulation. I've held onto my copy ever since he sent me it. However the situation has now changed so I am free to pass this on. It was first widely circulated last year but for those who like master recordings here is your chance. It's a short show weighing in at about 39 minutes but I do consider it to be a very clear recording. There is a cut during have mercy.


1. sgt pepper
2. foxy lady
3. catfish blues
4. fire
5. the wind cries mary
6. have mercy
7. manic depression
8. purple haze

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