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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Copenhagen 1970 - 1CD - September 3

Jimi Hendrix
KB Hallen
Copenhagen, Denmark
September 3, 1970

1. Stone Free
2. Foxy Lady
3. Message To Love
4. Hey Baby (cut)  (removed)
5. All Along The Watchtower
6. Machine Gun (cut)
7. Spanish Castle Magic
8. Ezy Rider
9. Freedom (cut) (removed)

Jimi Hendrix: Guitar, vocals
Billy Cox: bass
Mitch Mitchell: Drums

Notes: To my ears, this is the finest concert of Jimi's career and ranks ahead of Monterey, the LA Forums 69 and 70, Albert Hall, Berkeley 70. Jimi is on fire here, playing like he is possessed...maybe it was to make up for the night before in Aarhus when he became ill and walked off stage after 25 minutes. Whatever it was, in Copenhagen he is amazing and his backed by Mitchell and Cox who are also playing their asses off. Decent sound here too.
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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Philadelphia 1969 - 1CD - April 12

1969-04-12 Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Funkydrummer Cleanup

1 Red House (Start Cut)
2 Foxy Lady
3 I Don't Live Today
4 Getting My Heart Back Together (cut at 2.52)
5 Stone Free
6 Star Spangled Banner
7 Purple Haze
8 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Recorded by Harvey Daniels.

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in London 1969 - 2CD - February 18

Jimi Hendrix - 1969-02-18 - Royal Albert Hall, London (EAT 34-35)

101. Introduction
102. Tax Free
103. Fire
104. Hear My Train A Comin'
105. Foxy Lady
106. Red House
201. Sunshine Of Your Love
202. Spanish Castle Magic / Message To Love
203. Star Spangled Banner
204. Purple Haze
205. Final Speak
206. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Jimi Hendrix – lead vocals, guitar
Mitch Mitchell – drums
Noel Redding – bass guitar, backing vocals

On February 18, 1969, the Jimi Hendrix Experience played the first of two shows at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The band had played the venue previously, on November 14, 1967, on a bill with Pink Floyd, the Nice, the Move and other sonically adventurous bands of the time. This time, however, the Experience would be the headliner, playing first on the 18th and again on the 24th to a sold-out house.

Jimi’s great talent had grown in the 15 months since the 1967 show. Regular touring had honed his free-form playing, while his extensive studio work had seen him develop into a brilliant composer and visionary producer. Unfortunately, escalating tensions between Hendrix and his band—bassist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell—had begun to take a toll on the group’s performances. A European tour from January 8 to 23 had been a mess. The band performed lethargically, and Hendrix was uneasy with the audiences’ requests for them to play their recent hit, “All Along the Watchtower.”

He was also unhappy that his manager, Mike Jeffrey, had sent a film crew along to record the event for a television special. Jeffrey had never asked for Jimi’s creative input on the project, and Hendrix was concerned about production matters. He was especially adamant that he be allowed to choose his own engineer for the upcoming Royal Albert Hall performance, going so far as to send a memo to his manager on the subject.

In fact, Jeffrey did have an ulterior motive. Beyond the television special, he was hoping the Europe shows would provide enough recorded material for a live album, which he hoped to release that June. Once the live album was out of the way, Jeffrey planned to get another studio album out of the Experience in time for the lucrative Christmas season.

The live album was paramount to Jeffrey’s plans, but the uneven performances on the European tour had made him concerned that he would have nothing satisfactory to release. Originally, the Royal Albert Hall performance was a one-night stand, on February 18. As a safeguard, Jeffrey booked the band for the second performance, on February 24.

Following the European tour, Jimi flew to New York City to oversee the construction of his studio, Electric Lady. While the trip gave him a reprieve from his problems with the Experience, the time away only served to exacerbate the tensions between them. There were further problems awaiting him when he returned to London. On February 17, while rehearsing at the Albert Hall, Hendrix became aggravated by the constant feedback created between his guitar and the PA system. The mobile recording unit hired for the event was also experiencing electronic interference that would make the recordings unusable.

Hendrix placed a call to Chas Chandler, his former manager, and asked him to come for assistance. “It was a shambles,” Chandler told John McDermott in his book, Hendrix: Setting the Record Straight. “I ended up running both shows for him, trying to get everything right. I hadn’t been ‘hired,’ I was there to help out a friend.”

Although the recording equipment problems with were worked out, no one could guarantee that Jimi’s guitar wouldn’t suffer from feedback. To minimize the possibility, two separate sound systems were used: one for the venue and another for the mobile recording unit. This is why Jimi can be seen singing into three microphones in footage from the concerts.

Despite the preparations, the February 18 show was a disaster. Jimi played brilliantly, but Redding and Mitchell were lifeless. Chandler was irate with them. “It truly was one of the worst shows I had ever seen,” he told McDermott. “Up until that point I had been a supportive of the group, because I thought that they made for a good unit. Now I felt it was time they got thrown out.”

Under the circumstances, the show gave Jeffrey little that he could use for a live album. Rehearsals were scheduled for the days before the February 24 show to try to salvage what little opportunity remained. As it turned out, the second show was much better. Although the band lacked the fire and energy they’d displayed at earlier shows like 1967's Monterey Pop Festival, they played brilliantly. Hendrix threw out his usual set list and instead performed three of his own blues songs: “Hear My Train a Comin’,” “Red House” and “Bleeding Heart.” The group turned in solid versions of “Little Wing,” Voodoo Chile” and “Foxey Lady,” as well.

And while Hendrix didn’t believe in giving encores, he gave one to the Albert Hall crowd, bringing out Traffic’s Dave Mason and Chris Wood and percussionist Rocki Dzidzornu to perform a stirring version of “Room Full of Mirrors.”

Oddly, for all the fireworks happening onstage, the audience was exceptionally polite. They remained seated and quiet, clapping politely, as if at the symphony. Perhaps it was down to the house lights: the film crew had asked to have them left on to provide enough light for the film stock. Under the circumstances, the audience might have felt more self-conscious than usual.

Not surprisingly, the shows were the last European performances by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. On March 30, the band began a lengthy U.S. tour that would see Hendrix make his celebrated stand at Woodstock, on August 18, with a new band, Gypsy, Sun and Rainbows. The Experience had already imploded two months before, on June 29 at the Denver Pop Festival.

Performing that night in Denver, Jimi didn’t hold back the news. “This is the last gig we’ll be playing together,” he said. The original Jimi Hendrix Experience was finished.

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Nurnberg 1969 - 1CD - January 16 - late show

Jimi Hendrix Experience
Meistersingerhalle, NŸrnberg, Germany 1969-01-16 2nd show AUD


01. Intro
02. Fire
03. Hey Joe
04. Spanish Castle Magic
05. Red House (cut)
06. Foxy Lady
07. Sunshine of your Love
08. Little Wing
09. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
10. All Along the Watchtower
11. Purple Haze

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Copenhagen 1969 - 1CD - January 10 - early show

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark. 10th January 1969 (1st show) (2nd source recording)

Source: Audience recording


01. Fire
02. Foxy Lady
03. Tax Free (removed - "Tax Free" from this 1st show performance was included in the OOP disk 'Jimi In Denmark' (UniVibes UV 1003 / 1995 / Eire / 1CD+Booklet / Ltd.Edition)
04. Spanish Castle Magic
05. Red House
06. Sunshine Of Your Love
07. I Don't Live Today-Star Spangled Banner-I Don't Live Today
08. Purple Haze

(66 minutes)

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Portland 1968 - 1CD - September 9

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Oregon

Monday 9 September 1968

Source: Audience recording (master clone)

1 Intro
2 tune up
3 Tomorrow Never Knows>
4 Are You Experienced
5 Fire
6 Hey Joe
7 Foxy Lady
8 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
9 Little Wing
10 Spanish Castle Magic
11 Red House
12 Star Spangled Banner>
13 Purple Haze
14 power cut
15 announcement

(65.02 minutes)

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Spokane 1968 - 1CD - September 8

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Sunday, September 8, 1968
Coliseum, Spokane, WA

1 Foxy Lady#
2 Little Wing
3 Red House
4 Fire

¡ audience recording; 21 minutes, good quality (1-4)

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Washington 1968 - 1CD - March 10 - early show

march 10 1968 early
hinckley hilton
washington dc
at one point in the early 80's i got this directly off the master from ts. but i lent that tape to a philly springsteen trader ar who never returned it along with a richard thompson master from columbus 1983 and  u2 1rst gen from the bayou 1980.  anyone know this guy? recently i transferred all my cassettes to digi. i found this on an unmarked xl2 and was very happy. it sounds like it might be off the master. i do not remember getting it again, but who knows. it could be i got it from ez who got it off of the ts master. i see ts from time to time, but good luck getting anything out of him. i also saw on etree that someone has a dat copy of the master. i would be curious to hear how this sounds. i know ts has a dragon, but those auto azi units are not always 100% accurate. this was played back w/o dolby or cro2

Killing Floor
Foxy Lady
The Wind Cries Mary
Red House
I Don't Live Today
Purple Haze
Wild Thing

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in San Francisco 1968 - 1CD - February 3 (early & late show) - source #3

Winterland, San Francisco, California.
Saturday 3rd February 1968. 1st & 2nd show

Source: Audience recording (3rd source)

1st show

01. Tune up & intro
02. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
03. Fire
04. Hey Joe
05. Foxy Lady
06. The Wind Cries Mary
07. Killing Floor
08. Little Wing
09. Purple Haze

2nd show

10. Tune up
11. Rock Me Baby
12. Red House
13. Foxy Lady

(56.40 minutes)


NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in San Francisco 1968 - 1CD - February 3 (early & late show) - source #2

Winterland, San Francisco, California.
Saturday 3rd February 1968. 1st & 2nd show

Source: Audience recording (2nd source)

1st show

01. The Wind Cries Mary

2nd show

02. Rock Me Baby
03. Red House
04. Foxy Lady
05. Like A Rolling Stone
06. Purple Haze
07. taper’s commentary

(38.58 minutes)


NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in San Francisco 1968 - 1CD - February 3 (early show) - source #1

Winterland, San Francisco, California.
Saturday 3rd February 1968. 1st show

Source: Audience recording (1st source)

1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. Fire
3. Hey Joe
4. Foxy Lady
5. Killing Floor
6. Little Wing
7. Purple Haze

(29.24 minutes)

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Lund 1967 - 1CD - September 10 (early show)

Jimi Hendrix Experience

stšra salen, akademiska, fšreningen, lund, sweden. 10th september 1967 (1st show)

This show was not seeded when I originally posted this series. At the time it was not in general circulation but has since become available. Just about all the Swedish shows have been uncovered thanks to the hard work and dedication of one particular Swedish collector. When he found this show the owner stipulated that he would be allowed to make a DAT copy on the understanding that no copies were made. He did however make up a couple of CDR copies which he sent to about four Hendrix collectors around the world for safe keeping but with the request that they were not put into circulation. I've held onto my copy ever since he sent me it. However the situation has now changed so I am free to pass this on. It was first widely circulated last year but for those who like master recordings here is your chance. It's a short show weighing in at about 39 minutes but I do consider it to be a very clear recording. There is a cut during have mercy.


1. sgt pepper
2. foxy lady
3. catfish blues
4. fire
5. the wind cries mary
6. have mercy
7. manic depression
8. purple haze

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix "In The Studio Reclamation" - 4CD

Jimi Hendrix Experience
In The Studio CD 1

Disc 1
01. Wait Until Tomorrow (Hendrix) 3:26
02. Spanish Castle Magic (Hendrix) 2:42
03. Golden Rose (One Rainy Wish) (Hendrix) 3:55
04. Ain't No Telling #1 (Hendrix) 1:52
05. South Saturn Delta (Hendrix) 4:52
06. Little One #1 (Hendrix) 1:52
07. Little One #2 (Hendrix) 3:34
08. Castles Made Of Sand (Hendrix) 2:48
09. Ain't No Telling #2 (Hendrix) 1:51
10. She's So Fine (Redding) (2:38)
11. Up From The Skies (Hendrix) 2:56
12. Bold As Love (Hendrix) 3:27
13. Little Miss Lover (Hendrix) 2:14
14. Waterfall (May This Be Love) (Hendrix) 3:11
15. Have You Ever Heard (Hendrix) 3:45
16. Dream (Hendrix) 2:06
17. Dance (Hendrix) 1:57

Disc 2
01. Valleys Of Neptune (Hendrix) 5:37
02. Lover Man (Hendrix) 4:12
03. Machine Gun (Hendrix) 12:51
04. Trying To Be (Stepping Stone)/Earth Blues (Hendrix) 7:16
05. Stepping Stone (Hendrix) 4:15
06. Untitled Guitar Improvisation (Hendrix) 5:22
07. Keep On Grooving (Midnight Lightning) (Hendrix) 11:57
08. Come Down Hard On Me Baby (Hendrix) 3:31
09. Drifters Escape (Hendrix) 3:07
10. Belly Button Window (Hendrix) 5:29
11. Bolero (Hendrix) 5:48  

Original notes:
In The Studio – Volume 1

The recordings featured in the first of the In The Studio series cover the time period May 1967 through to early 1968. Hendrix had blazed a trail across Europe performing at many concerts where his brand of musicianship, allied to a strong sense of showmanship drew acclaim and respect in equally large amounts. More importantly Jimi had played at the Monterey Festival in the summer of 1967 where he was an unqualified success, stealing the show from bigger and more established performers.

During this period The Experience recorded two exceptional albums in Are You Experienced and Axis Bold As Love. In early 1968 he would begin work on the monumental double album that would become Electric Ladyland. This album would be the final album from the original Experience but at this point in time Hendrix had also collaborated with many other musicians and Jack Cassidy of Jefferson Airplane, Dave Mason and Steve Winwood of Traffic and Al Kooper were just some of the people who guested on this landmark album.

Wait Until Tomorrow
Recorded 26th October 1967 at Olympic Studios alternate mix using automatic double tracking on the vocal part.

Spanish Castle Magic
Recorded 27th October 1967 at Olympic Studios.

Golden Rose (One Rainy Wish)
Recorded 3rd October 1967 at Olympic Studios with overdubs on 29th October. This is a slightly longer alternate mix.

Ain't No Telling #1
Recorded 26th October 1967 at Olympic Studios this version includes rhythm guitar in a more central mix as opposed to at the side.

South Saturn Delta
Recorded December1967 at Olympic Studios with Dave Mason and an unknown drummer.

Little One #1
Recorded 30th December1967 at Olympic Studios with Brian Jones, Dave Mason and Mitch Mitchell.

Little One #2
Recorded 30th December1967 at Olympic Studios with Brian Jones, Dave Mason and Mitch Mitchell. This version has different bass parts and Dave Mason plays slide guitar on this version.

Castles Made Of Sand
Recorded 29th October 1967 at Olympic Studios this is an alternate mix.

Ain't No Telling #2
The second take of this song, which runs pretty much as the first version although with this take is slightly longer.

She's So Fine
Recorded 4th May 1967 at Olympic Studios 1967 with overdubs laid down on 30th October of that year. This is an alternate mix with different vocals by Noel Redding who wrote the song.

Up From The Skies
Recorded 29th October1967 at Olympic Studios, this is an alternate mix with the vocals on one channel.

Bold As Love
Recorded 29th October 1967 at Olympic Studios, this version has a totally different vocal take and an early fade out and does not have the phasing effect at the end.

Little Miss Lover
Recorded 1st October 1967 at Olympic Studios this is an alternate take with a wolf-whistle at the beginning of the track.

Waterfall (May This Be Love)
Recorded 3rd April 1967 at Olympic Studios, this is an alternate mix.

Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
Recorded in January1968 at Olympic studios, this track features Jimi with an unknown musician (rumoured to be Dave Mason of Traffic) on bass. Although the song would go on to appear on the Electric Ladyland album this session took place before the real sessions for Electric Ladyland began in New York in early April.

Noel Redding penned track and featuring him on vocals. Recorded 20th December1967 at Olympic Studios, was cut as an acetate with a single in mind but was never issued.

Recorded 20th December1967 at Olympic Studios featuring Mitch Mitchell on vocals.

Disc 2:
In The Studio Volume 2

The recordings featured on Volume 2 of the In The Studio series cover the time period April 1969 through to July 1970 less than two months before Jimi's death in September of the same year. During this period The Jimi Hendrix Experience had split at the end of one last tour following the final concert in Denver. Jimi retained Mitch Mitchell but called on former army buddy Billy Cox to play bass. These two musicians along, with guitarist Larry Lee and percussionists Jerry Velez and Juma Sultan played the legendary Woodstock festival in August 1969. Shortly after that Jimi began a new project called The Band Of Gypsys. This band featured Jimi alongside Billy Cox and drummer Buddy Miles. The band made its live debut in December 1969 at the Fillmore East, which resulted in a live self-titled album. The band however would last barely a handful of dates before falling apart in front of a large audience mid gig at Madison Square Garden. As was Jimi's practice however The Band Of Gypsys recorded much material including a track featured on this album Machine Gun. Machine Gun had been a highlight of the live Band Of Gypsys' show and the studio version is no less of a highlight here with its extended solo and "Machine Gun" like drumming from Buddy Miles.

Much of the material featured on this album was recorded in New York's Record Plant or Hit Factory although with his eye on the studio clock and the old adage of "time is money" Jimi began work on his own recording studio where he would not be bound by the constraints of either. Electric Lady Studios opened with much fanfare in August 1970. In fact the party continued until Jimi had to leave America to play what would be his final British concert date at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

One of the key tracks featured on Volume 2 of the In The Studio series is possibly one of the earliest recordings by The Band Of Gypsys. Machine Gun was recorded less than two weeks after Jimi's appearance at the Woodstock Festival. This recording also features Juma Sultan who had played with Hendrix at Woodstock.

Valleys Of Neptune
23rd September 1969 at the Record Plant which was recorded while The Band Of Gypsys were rehearsing and putting material together. This take is without any noticeable bass.

Lover Man
Recorded 6th September 1969. This is another recording to feature the Band of Gypsys. This version was recorded at the Hit Factory and was an instrumental take with Jimi's intro.

Machine Gun
29th August 1969 Hit Factory. Another Band Of Gypsys' recording. This is the first take of one of the most famous Jimi Hendrix songs which was seen as a comment on the situation taking place in Vietnam.

Trying To Be (Stepping Stone)/Earth Blues
15th September 1969 at the Record Plant. Once again another recording with the Band of Gypsys This take also includes Juma Sultan on percussion. The end of this recording segues into Earth Blues.

Stepping Stone
The basic track was laid down 3rd -7th January 1970 at the Record Plant and after much overdubbing and mixing was completed 15th February although Jimi was not satisfied and further work was undertaken right up to August 20th. This version has wah wah guitar effect coming through one speaker as opposed to the panning effect.

Untitled Guitar Improvisation
Hendrix recorded many pieces like this improvisation perhaps for work on at a later date perhaps merely for the joy of playing. The exact date of this improvisation is unknown although it is thought to have been recorded in 1970 at the Electric Lady studios, which places it sometime in late summer.

Keep On Grooving (Midnight Lightning)
17th April 1969 at the Record Plant this is a rough play through with Paul Caruso adding harmonica and Devon Wilson, Jimi's sometime girlfriend, on backing vocals. The relaxed nature of this recording would suggest that it was never considered as a final take.

Come Down Hard On Me Baby
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios in July 1970 with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox and subsequently remixed by Alan Douglas after Hendrix's death.

Drifters Escape
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios on 17th June 1970 with overdubbing done 22nd August with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox. This version has only one lead guitar part rather than the layered effect Jimi sometimes favoured in the recording studio.

Belly Button Window
Recorded on 23rd July 1970 at Electric Ladyland Studio with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell, this is an unused alternate instrumental version of the song that would eventually form part of the first posthumous Hendrix release, The Cry Of Love.

Recorded 1st July 1970 with Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell and Juma Sultan at Electric Lady Studios. This track was also known as Here Comes The Sun.

Jimi Hendrix 
In The Studio Part 2

CD 3:  
01. Drifting (try out) (Hendrix) 3:52  
02. Keep On Groovin' Drifting (try out) (Hendrix) 0:57  
03. Midnight Lightnin' (try out) (Hendrix) 0:24  
04. Freedom (alternate take) (Hendrix) 4:04  
05. Cherokee Mist/In From The Storm (Hendrix) 6:31  
06. Valleys Of Neptune (instrumental) (Hendrix) 4:37  
07. Lil Dog Of Mine/Heaven Has No Sorrow (session) (Hendrix)12:50  
08. Valleys Of Neptune (session) (Hendrix) 21:21  
09. Improvisation/Drifting(try Out) (Hendrix) 3:34  
10. Had To Cry Today (Hendrix)1:27  
11. Angel (intro instrumental #1) (Hendrix) 0:27  
12. Angel (complete instrumental) (Hendrix) 4:45  
13. Angel (intro instrumental #2) Hendrix) 0:35  
14. Drifting (alternate take) (Hendrix) 3:41  
15. Angel (alternate version complete with vocals) (Hendrix) 4:21  
16. Belly Button Window (instrumental) (Hendrix) 5:11  

CD 4:  
01. Lover Man (Hendrix) 2:51  
02. Message To Love (Hendrix) 3:34  
03. Izabella (take 2) (Hendrix) 3:51  
04. Bleeding Heart (blues in C sharp) (Hendrix) 3:26  
05. Izabella (take 1) (Hendrix) 4:41  
06. Blue Suede Shoes (Hendrix)11:36  
07. Power of Soul (takes nos. 1 to 16) (Hendrix) 26:41 

The following is from the original notes: 
In The Studio Volume 3

All the tracks contained in this volume of the In The Studio series were recorded at the new Electric Lady studio complex Hendrix had built in New York. Part of the money used to finance the building of the studio had been advanced by Warners on condition that the guitarist would appear in a film entitled Rainbow Bridge which was the brainchild of Jimi's manager Mike Jeffery. This he agreed to do and Warners no doubt expected to receive a soundtrack album featuring Jimi's performance captured on film in Hawaii (to date no official release of the two sets Jimi that the band played has appeared).The Electric Lady studios were intended as a solid business proposition, as, although the studios would hired out for other recording sessions, it would in theory cut down on the considerable expenses Jimi was chalking up at his favourite New York studio, The Record Plant. It was also thought that in his own studio there would be no time constraints and this would ultimately make Jimi more relaxed and creative. Whilst still not officially opened for business Jimi was regularly using the studio as soon as the equipment was installed, thus much of the studio material recorded in the final months of his life comes from sessions recorded there.

Of the many sessions that took place at Electric Lady in the summer of 1970 some of the tracks featured here such as Belly Button Window, Freedom, Angel and Drifting would eventually become key tracks on The Cry Of Love , instantly familiar to the many people who own the album. The versions presented here are of course works in progress, but the evolution of the songs (particularly Angel) can be heard in detail over the course of the three versions featured in this volume.

The session that took place on the 26th of June is interesting as Valleys Of Neptune was certainly a song Jimi wanted to include on the First Rays Of The New Rising Sun. The work that took place on this night in common with the night before, featured just Mitch Mitchell on drums and Jimi on guitar and later overdubbing bass. Subsequently however the song did not appear on any of the three albums (The Cry of Love, Voodoo Soup and The First Rays Of The New Rising Sun) that purported to represent the album Jimi was working on at the time of his death.

During the time that these sessions were recorded Jimi, Mitch and Billy were also performing regularly and while the studio didn't receive an official opening until the 26 August, Electric Lady almost became a second home for Jimi and his creative needs with sessions usually lasting well into the night. As befits the original idea of a double album, a great deal of material was recorded and some of it would undoubtedly have been included in the final running order of the First Rays Of The New Rising Sun although it is safe to assume that some of it would simply have been discarded or reworked later for other projects. We will of course never know for sure. What is fascinating is the glimpse we do get of Jimi's recording methods on this album of sessions which in addition to the music also includes chat between and during the various takes between Jimi and the engineers and other musicians.

In The Studio Volume 4

The music contained on this, the fourth volume of the In The Studio series comes from the period 7th November 1969 through to May 1970. During this period Jimi became involved in what would turn out to be the short-lived Band Of Gypsies project that featured drummer Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox. Billy had been playing with Jimi since the break up of the original Experience following a concert in Denver in June 1969. Many people have since claimed that The Band Of Gypsies were never meant to be a long term project but merely an opportunity to fulfil a contractual obligation. Whatever the reason halfway through an appearance at Madison Square garden in early 1970 the Band Of Gypsies broke up rather spectacularly and Jimi once again began working with Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell.

Some of the key tracks recorded during this period would go on to appear in different forms on albums released following Jimi's death in September 1970 such as Rainbow Bridge, The Cry Of Love and Loose Ends.

Lover Man
Recorded on the15th May 1970 this recording features Billy Cox on bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. The engineer was Eddie Kramer assisted by Tom Flye.

Message To Love
Recorded on the 19th December 1969. The band was Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on drums The engineer was Bob Cotto and the 2nd engineer R. Beekman. This song was originally entitled Message To The Universe.

Izabella (reel 4 take 2)
Recorded on the 7th November 1969 and engineered by Jack Adams and Dave Ragno. With no bass player, Hendrix and Buddy Miles ran through many takes of this track which ended with technical problems. A young Tony Bongiovi was ultimately sent for to sort out the problems

Bleeding Heart (blues in C sharp)
This alternate mix comes from the session that too place on 24th March 1970. The band, which was the one to remain in place until Jimi's death in September of 1970, consisted of Billy Cox on bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. The engineer was Jack Adams and the 2nd Engineer Dave Ragno. Only four versions of this song were ever recorded with the 4th take appearing on the Rainbow Bridge album. Originally recorded with an unknown drummer and no bassist, Billy Cox later joined the session but Mitch Mitchell's drums were recorded later at Electric Lady studios.

Izabella (take 1)
Another take from the session listed above and featuring the same line up which lends the song a different feel from the version recorded with the Band Of Gypsies some four months previously.

Blue Suede Shoes
This is the most complete version of the old Carl Perkins song. Another, shorter version of this song would eventually surface on the Loose Ends album. This version was recorded during the final days of the Band Of Gypsies on the 23rd January 1970 under the stewardship of engineer Bob Hughes and 2nd engineer Dave Ragno. The band here is Billy Cox on bass and Buddy Miles on Drums

Power of Soul (takes 1 - 16)
This work I progress was recorded on the 21st November 1969. The Band Of Gypsies were deep into recordings and rehearsals for what would turn out to be their only major appearance at the Fillmore East at the end of the year Billy Cox. The engineer was Tony Bongiovi assisted by Tom Erdelyi. The song was originally called Paper Airplanes and has appeared listed on some bootlegs under this title. Interestingly, both Tommy Erdelyi and Tony Bongiovi would work together in the ‘70s when Tony produced the Ramones with Tommy, now known as Tommy Ramone, the Ramones drummer.


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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Stockholm 1970 - 1DVD - August 31 - pro-shot

The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1970-08-31
Stora Scenen, Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden



Come On (Pt. 1)
Room Full Of Mirrors
Villanova Junction > Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
In From The Storm

Filmed by John Kirk
Provided by Stern
Authored by BONG
Thanks to hothcanada

Video: NTSC 4:3 720x480
Audio: LPCM

Download this bootleg here

NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in New York 1968 - 1DVD - August 23

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
New York Rock Festival, Singer Bowl, Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York City, NY


01 Are You Experienced?
02 Fire
03 Hey Joe
04 Wild Thing
05 Star Spangled Banner

Pristine, time-code free copy from the collection of Mr. Stern.
"Are You Experienced?" was originally the final song on this copy, correctly re-sequenced to the lead-off spot by BONG.

Filmed by Amalie R. Rothchild with partly synced audio recording by Harry Fields

Provided by Stern
Authored by BONG
thanks to hothcanada

16mm color > ? > Stern'S DVD > Sony Vegas Pro 11 > Womble MVW > DVDLab Pro 2.5 > DVD

Video: NTSC 4:3 720x480
Audio: LPCM 1536kbps

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NEW: Jimi Hendrix live in Ipswich 1967 - 1DVD - April 1 - pro-shot

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Gaumont Cinema, Ipswich, UK 1967-04-01
Broadcast on French TV "Bouton Rouge" 1967-05-21


Purple Haze
Wild Thing

Video : PAL 4:3 720x576 5.86 mbps
Audio : MPEG 48kHz 2.0 384 kbps

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