Tuesday, December 22, 2015

RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Rare Performances and Jam Sessions" - 3CD

Rare Performances And Jam Sessions
(WatchTower WT 2005146/7/8 / 2005 / 3CD)
[Digital clone of original disc]

(Club Filips, Stockholm 07.09.67 [Hansson & Karlsson Jam] (Sample Tape) / New York City, NY early 1968 [from "The 2nd 10.000 Dollar Tape Sample"] / Cafe Au Go-Go, New York City, NY 17.03.68 / Home recording, spring 1968 / Drake Hotel Demos, New York City, NY apr.1968 / Unidentified New York City Night Club apr.1968 / Generation Club, New York City, NY 15.04.68 [Jam with B.B.King] / Record Plant, New York City april 1968 (Interview by Michael Rosenbaum) plus Outtakes & Jams 1969-70)

- Most of the jams and sessions that are featured in this set are incomplete.
- It has not been 100% verified that the Hansson & Karlsson jam portion included in this set is the "real deal", and that these recordings do in fact feature Jimi Hendrix. The complete recording of the Hansson & Karlsson jam from Club Filips, Stockholm 07.09.67 allegedly runs for 4 hr 15 min but remain unreleased / uncirculated.
- The so-called "10.000 Dollar Tape" is a Reel to Reel Tape that was offered for sale on e-bay mid-2002 for $10.000, and later aquired by Experience Hendrix. The Sample tape featured here was made and distributed for demonstration purposes only, so it just consists of fragments of the full tape; Brief snippets of songs that fade in and out, and start and stop abrubtly. The Complete tape is currently not in circulation.
- Refer to Jimpress issue 74, p.31-35 & Jimpress issue 76, p.55-59 for additional info regarding the "10.000 Dollar Tape" Sample.

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