Friday, December 18, 2015

RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Let's Drop Some Ludes & Vomit With Jimi" - 1CD - various outtakes

Jimi Hendrix
Let's Drop Some Ludes & Vomit With Jimi
The Record Plant Jams Vol. 2
artwork includedMidnight Beat# MB CD 026

01. Driving South / Everything's Gonna Be Alright
02. Drone Blues
03. Easy Blues
04. Strato Strut
05. I'm A Man - Instrumental
06. I'm A Man - With Vocals
07. Instrumental Jam - Embryonic Version Of Tomorrow Never Knows

Record Plant jams, and some damn good ones, too! In fact, it's 
subtitled "Record Plant Jams Vol.2" (although Strato Strut was recorded 
at Electric Lady).

1. Drivin South/Everything's Gonna Be Alright 
The jam with John McLaughlin (you can barely hear him) -- as in any jam,
parts are absolutely ferocious, and other parts bog down with uninspired
noodling, but the sound quality is great. Sounds almost as if it was
recorded outdoors!

2. Drone Blues 
Despite the track listing, this is actually a tryout version of Night Bird
Flying, without vocals. Sound quality is good here, too, and there are some
smokin' guitar solos.

3. Easy Blues 
A more complete version of the track that was on Nine to the Universe.
Larry Lee plays on this one (as well as Jimi of course) -- a cool, loping

4. Strato Strut 
Not Strato Strut at all, but Drone Blues, I believe. An uptempo instrumental.

5. I'm A Man (instrumental) 
Part of a jam with Buddy Miles (no bass player at all), in which parts
sound like Calling All Devil's Children.

6. I'm A Man (with vocals) 
An early tryout/jam of Stepping Stone.

7. Instrumental Jam 
Listed as "Embryonic version of Tomorrow Never Knows", this is a long
meandering jam -- there are two guitars here but I'm not sure who the
second guitarist might be.

Download this bootleg here

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