Sunday, November 15, 2015

RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix live in New York 1968 - 1CD - March 2 - late show


Hunter College, New York City, NY 2 march 1968; 2nd Show
Aud; 1st Gen - Digitally restored, Phase & Speed corrected

1 "Tax Free" (5)
2 "Foxy Lady" (22)
3 "Like A Rolling Stone" (5)
4 "Killing Floor" (11)
5 "Red House" (14)

Total time: 25:24

The "best" previously circulated version of this recording was formerly believed to be a master clone, but new info shows that this is not correct. Recordings such as the one included on ATM 039 "Hunter / Hilton" are in fact just 2nd Gen at best, so this 1st Gen version IS an upgrade, and the "best" version currently in circulation. The reason for the Master / 2nd Gen confusion was probably that the lineage of the old recording was listed as DAT Master > CDR. However, this so-called "DAT Master" wasn't actually a real Master, but merely a DAT copy of a 2nd Gen tape (at best). Anyway: There's no new music here compared to old version, but the recording starts a few seconds earlier, so it's marginally longer. As was the case with the Fillmore East 1968 upgrade, this recording has been doing the rounds at JPIO this summer.

Artwork included.

Download this bootleg here

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