Thursday, November 5, 2015

RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "Axis Bold As Love Sessions" - 1CD - Sotheby's auction tapes

Jimi Hendrix Experience
1968.xx.xx - Axis Bold As Love sessions

Sotheby's auction tapes
Auctioned at Sotheby Dec 22, 1981

01 - Jazz Jimi Jazz
02 - Electric Ladyland (blues)
03 - She's So Fine
04 - Castles Made Of Sand
05 - Spanish Castle Magic (inst)
06 - South Saturn Delta
07 - Electric Ladyland (drums)
08 - Wait Until Tomorrow
09 - Ain't No Telling
10 - Little One (1)
11 - Little One (2)
12 - Golden Rose
13 - Bold As Love
14 - EXP
15 - Up From The Skies

Notes from jonsatticuk:

These tracks, also known as the Axis Outtakes, nearly never made it past Kathy Etchingham's dustbin. Luckily they were retrieved and ended up in an auction at Sotheby’s in December 1981. Since then they have turned up in various guises on collector’s lists and of course have been treated to the usual shabby mangling on various bootleg releases.

Over the years I've had various copies of these tracks from terrible to very good. These however are the best I have ever come across and were supplied to me by a very reliable source who told me he had managed to track down and obtain a dub from the masters on DAT. Given the quality I have no reason to doubt his claim.

Full 8 page booklet included

Download this bootleg here

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