Thursday, November 5, 2015

RE-UP: Jimi Hendrix "At His Best" - 2CD - 1969 Mike Ephron Sessions

At His Best: Mike Ephron Sessions (ATM 193-194)

Jimi's House, Shokan, New York, September 13, 1969
Extraordinary Archives Traded Material series of the highest quality Hendrix recordings available in traders' circuits.
All recordings in the ATM series are taken from the lowest generation masters available, and they have all been digitally restored unless otherwise indicated.
Thanks to Hans-Peter Johnsen

Disc 1:
1. Jam 1 - Part 1: Gypsy Boy > New Rising Sun (aka Young Jimi)
2. Jam 1 - Part 2: Free Thunder
3. Jam 1 - Part 3: Swift's Wing
4. Jam 1 - Part 4: Down Mean Blues
5. Fried Cola
6. Jam 2: Feels Good
7. Monday Morning Blues
8. Jam 3: Lift-Off
9. Jam 4: Madagascar

Disc 2:
1. Key To The Highway (aka Jimi Is Tender Too)
2. Cave Man Bells
3. Stepping Stone (aka She Went to Bed With My Guitar)
4. Villanova Junction (aka Strokin' A Lady On Each Hip)
5. Earth Blues (aka Giraffe)
6. Baby Chicken Strut

This set features all material found on the 4 Sagapan LPs "Jimi Hendrix At His Best Vol. 1-3" and "This Flyer".
The original recordings were edited and spread across these albums (and others) in a variety of mixes.
Here the tracks have been spliced back together to create as complete as possible songs/jam.

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